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Bernie Sanders Campaigned

Hard For Hillary Clinton In 2016

  • In the final 4 months before Election Day 2016, Sanders held 39 rallies in 14 states on behalf of Clinton’s campaign. He also went on countless shows and made several media appearances advocating for Hillary to his supporters.

  • More Sanders supporters voted for Hillary than Hillary supporters voted for Obama. The exit polls show 15% of Hillary supporters voted for John McCain (Click Link), while the exit polls in 2016 show 12% of Bernie supporters voted for Trump (Click Link) or (Click Link)

 "Bernie didn't endorse Hillary Clinton fast enough in 2016" - FALSE

  • Hillary Clinton dropped out of the 2008 race against Barack Obama on June 7, 2008. Clinton stayed in the race until the last primary votes were cast. 

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  • Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2016 race against Hillary Clinton on June 17, 2016. He also stayed in the race until the last primary votes were cast. This is what is called a Democracy, where people vote to decide the nominee.

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  • The general election is held on November 8th, and Bernie fought hard to get Hillary elected during those 4 months with his first of many rallies on July 12, 2019 - see below. He took a brief break from campaigning to negotiate democratic initiatives, and then continued to work nonstop for the next few months to help Hillary Clinton. Bernie was able to convince more than 10 million of his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. Without them, Hillary wouldn't have even won the popular vote. The last person who should be admonishing Bernie for not dropping out soon enough is Hillary Clinton, since in 2008 she was criticized for the SAME THING.

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