Bernie Sanders Does Not Take
"Dark Money" Or Money From



Elizabeth Warren & Pete Buttigieg have recently lobbed false accusations at the Sanders campaign of taking "Dark Money" and super-PAC money since they can't compete with him on actual issues or against his track record. These are the facts to clarify:

1. Our Revolution is neither "Dark Money" nor a super-PAC. Our Revolution was founded in 2016 by Sanders as a PAC (not the same as a super-PAC) to combat the Democratic party's war on Progressive candidates across the country through dozens of dirty tactics, including intimidation, election-rigging, and starving those candidates of party funding for their campaigns.

2. Since the founding of Our Revolution and the inception of the Progressive reformation in this country in general, multiple organizations have formed in addition to Our Revolution with the agenda of taking over the Democratic party or replacing it altogether. Some of these organizations are PACs that collect funding for Progressive candidates in various races. Some endorse those candidates as a party-within-a-party and run them on their brand.

3. None of these organizations take bribes from corporations, Wall Street, defense contractors, or billionaires as it is antithetical to the Progressive movement. Organizations like this will only increase in number and influence as the demand for systemic change increases and more and more people get fed up with the Democrat establishment and status quo politics.

4. To name the main ones, Our Revolution is joined by:
-Wolf PAC
-Justice Democrats
(the organization that recruited AOC, Ro Khanna, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib)
-Brand New Congress
-Democratic Socialists of America
-Progressive Democrats of America
-Rose Caucus
-Courage to Change -
AOC's new PAC, which she formed this year after refusing to pay her "dues" ($250,000 for ONE YEAR) to the DLCC.

5. To support substantive change in this country, you can get involved in local chapters of these various organization, support the candidates they endorse, and contribute financially to helping them overcome the corrupt two-party establishment and get money out of politics. The open war against Progressives at all levels of government by the Democratic party  is one of dozens of reasons that there is increasing suspicion and distrust of the party among Progressives.