Bernie Sanders For

The People

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Video: Bernie Talks A Guy Out Of Killing Himself Over Medical Bills

Secular Talk On Youtube - September 16, 2019

Veteran Who Contemplated Suicide Reunites With Bernie Sanders

ABC News - December 9, 2019


Unions Gravitate To Bernie Sanders Because Of His Long, Uncompromising Support For Labor

Washington Examiner - January 31, 2020

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Shows Support For Protest In St. Louis

KMOX News Radio - January 28, 2020


Bernie Sanders Outraises Billionaire-Backed Competition

Rolling Stone - January 2, 2020

'We Will Not Change A Damn Thing': Sanders Campaign Vows No Pivot To Big Money In General Election

Common Dreams - January 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders Pledges To Create Government Based On 'Love And Compassion'

Des Moines Register - December 31, 2019

Promising A 'Radical Realignment Of Our Priorities,' Ocasio-Cortez Tells Los Angeles Crowd That The Sanders Campaign Can Change The Country

Common Dreams - December 21, 2019


Bernie Organizations Urge Unions To Help Flip Eastern Iowa Counties That Voted For Trump

Quad City Times - December 18, 2019


Democratic Candidates Threaten To Skip Debate Amid Labor Fight

Politico - December 13, 2019


Bernie Sanders Proposes $150 Billion For Public Broadband Improvements

Engadget - December 6, 2019


Video: Bernie Sanders Speaks At Iowan Organic Farmers Presidential Forum 

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - December 6, 2019

Sanders To Hold New Hampshire Worker Appreciation Tour

NH Labor News - November 19, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Joins Nats' Closer Sean Doolittle's Fight Against MLB Changes

Yahoo Sports - November 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders 'Stands With Flight Attendants' Amid Hawaiian Air Contract Negotiations

KITV 4 News - November 18, 2019

Sanders Vows To Introduce Medicare For All In First Week Of Presidency

The Hill - November 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders Draws Contrast With Elizabeth Warren On ‘Medicare For All’

Huffpost - November 15, 2019

Video: Only Bernie Sanders Inspires the Big Picture Solutions Required Today

Real Progress In Action On Youtube - November 14, 2019

Bernie Sanders Returned $470 From The Only Billionaire Who Donated To His Campaign

The Week - November 12, 2019

Democrats Sanders And Ocasio-Cortez Rally With Iowans

Radio Iowa - November 11, 2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders Interrupts Chicago Teachers Union Podcast With Phone Call: 'You Guys Have Won A Victory That Will Not Only Be For Chicago But Be For The Whole Country’

Chicago Tribune - November 4, 2019

How Bernie Helped Spark The Teachers’ Revolt

Jacobin - October 30, 2019

Vowing To Put People Before Corporate Interests, Sanders Agrees He Poses 'Existential Threat To The Democratic Party'

Common Dreams - October 29, 2019

Bernie Sanders Holds Secret Campaign Meeting With 15,000 Working-Class Democratic Donors

The Onion - October 29, 2019

'Too Many Lives Were Ruined': Bernie Sanders Releases Plan For Federal Legalization Of Marijuana

Common Dreams - October 24, 2019

Bernie Sanders Released A Plan To Legalize Marijuana (At 4:20 pm)

Vox - October 24, 2019

Video: Faiz Shakir On Bernie Sanders’ Return To The Campaign Trail: ‘His Heart Has Always Been With The Working Class Of America’

MSNBC - October 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders To Hold Comeback Rally Across From Nation's Largest Public Housing Complex

Huffpost - October 18, 2019

Chicago Teachers Are Preparing To Strike — And Bernie Sanders Has Their Back

Jacobin - October 3, 2019

Video: Bernie 2020 Releases First TV Ad, And It's SOLID

National Rational On Youtube - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Promises “No Government Agent Will Ever Tear A Baby Away From The Arms Of A Mother” If He’s Elected

Cosmopolitan - September 27, 2019

Sanders Rips 'Casual Cruelty That Motivates Trump And His Billionaire Friends' As White House Moves To Strip Free School Lunches From 500,000 Kids

Common Dreams - September 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders To Chicago Teachers: Worker Militancy Is Key to Fighting The Corporate Elite

In These Times - September 25, 2019

Campaigning In Iowa, Bernie Sanders Lets Supporters Take Center Stage

Des Moines Register- September 25, 2019

'Disgraceful:' Bernie Sanders Chastises American Airlines CEO Over Contract Breakdown

With Mechanics

Dallas Morning News - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Thanks Striking GM Union Members For Fighting Against ‘Corporate Greed’

CNBC - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls For 'Justice' Outside Detroit-Hamtramck GM Plant

Detroit News - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Joins United Auto Workers' Picket Line Outside Detroit General Motors Plant

Yahoo News - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Joins Picket Line At Detroit UAW Strike

M Live - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders To Join UAW Strikers In Detroit

WZZM 13 News - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants To Replace Private Credit Reporting Firms With Free, Public Registry

CSNBC - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ 99 Endorsements In 99 Counties

Iowa Starting Line - September 25, 2019

Because 'Puerto Rico Must No Longer Be Treated As A Colony,' Sanders And Ocasio-Cortez Lead Demand To End Painful Austerity

Common Dreams - September 25, 2019

Video: Bernie Stands With Chicago Teachers Union

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - September 24, 2019

Sanders Fires Up Friendly Crowd As Teachers Union Starts Strike Votes

Chicago Business - September 24, 2019

CTU Begins Strike Authorization Vote Tuesday; Bernie Sanders To Appear At Rally

ABC Chicago - September 24, 2019;-bernie-sanders-to-appear-at-rally/5563751/

Bernie Sanders Just Proposed The Campaign's Most Aggressive Wealth Tax

Vice - September 24, 2019

Bernie Sanders Proposes Wealth Tax That Would Cut Billionaires’ Net Worth In Half

Bloomberg - September 24, 2019

Sanders Campaign Unveils Endorsements From 85 Iowa Union Workers

The Hill - September 24, 2019

Bernie Sanders Becomes The First Presidential Candidate To Visit The Comanche Nation In Over 100 Years

Nation Of Change - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is First Presidential Candidate To Visit Comanche Nation Since Teddy Roosevelt.

Native News Online - September 24, 2019

Bernie Sanders Begins Iowa Tour To Court Trump Voters

Seattle Times - September 23, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Tours Iowa’s Obama-Trump Counties, Presents Himself As Best Candidate To Win In 2020

Quad City Times - September 23, 2019

Labor Has Only One Candidate: Bernie Sanders

Jacobin - September 22, 2019

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders To Attend Chicago Teachers Union Labor Rally

Chicago Tribune - September 20, 2019

‘Not Me. Us.’: Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Calls For Action At Rock Hill Rally

Charlotte Observer - September 20, 2019


Sanders To Join Teachers, Auto Workers Striking In Midwest

The Hill - September 20, 2019

Sanders Hits Back At Rich Biden Donor: 'The Democratic Party I Represent Is The Party of The Working Class, Not Billionaires'

Common Dreams - September 20, 2019

Sanders Campaign Announces It Contacted Over 1 Million Iowa Voters

The Hill - September 20, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Is Still Leading A Revolution

USA Today - September 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants to Alleviate Senior Loneliness

Jacobin - September 17, 2019

Video: Bernie Talks A Guy Out Of Killing Himself Over Medical Bills

Secular Talk On Youtube - September 16, 2019

Bernie Sanders Backs United Auto Workers On General Motors Strike

The Guardian - September 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders Has A Plan — But He’s Also Building A Movement

Jacobin - August 28, 2019


Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal Is A Game-Changer For Food & Farming

Common Dreams - August 29, 2019

Despite 'Relentless' Assault By Corporate America, Gallup Poll Shows Support For Unions At Near

50-Year High

Common Dreams - August 29, 2019

Bernie Sanders Poses With Anchor Brewing Union In San Francisco

SF Gate - August 27, 2019

Bernie Sanders Endorses A Targeted Advertising Tax To Fund Local Journalism

The Verge - August 27, 2019

United Electrical, Radio And Machine Workers Of America Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

UE Union Website - August 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders Focuses On Working Families During UE National Convention Address In Pittsburgh

KDKA2 CBS Pittsburgh News -August 26, 2019

For Always Making It Clear 'Which Side He Is On,' Bernie Sanders Nabs First National Union Endorsement

Common Dreams - August 26, 2019

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders On His Plan For Journalism

Columbia Journalism Review - August 26, 2019

Sanders Releases Media Plan: Press Shouldn't Be Controlled By Corporations, 'Benevolent' Billionaires

The Hill - August 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders Pledges To Protect News Organizations From Google And Facebook Dominance

CNBC News - August 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Joins Striking AT&T Workers On Picket Line Before Louisville Rally

WLKY News - August 25, 2019


Sanders Calls On McConnell To End Obstructionism

AP News - August 25, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Joins Striking AT&T Workers On Louisville Picket Line

WHAS 11 News - August 24, 2019

To Force Billionaires Off Welfare, Sanders Tax Would Make Corporations Fund 100% of Public Assistance Their Low-Paid Workers Receive

Common Dreams - August 24, 2019

Video: Bernie Listens: Millennial Roundtable In Miami

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - August 23, 2019

Bernie Sanders Releases Plan To Double Union Membership As Democrats Fight For Labor Support

CNBC - August 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Unveils Sweeping Labor Plan With Sectorwide Bargaining

Bloomberg - August 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At The Pathology Of The For-Profit Criminal Justice System

Real News Network - August 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants To Give Federal Workers The Right To Strike

Yahoo News - August 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is the First Candidate To Call For Ban On Facial Recognition

Vice - August 19, 2019


Video: Bernie Releases AMAZING Criminal Justice Reform Plan

Secular Talk On Youtube - August 19, 2019

Bernie’s Plan Rings In A New Era Of Criminal Justice Politics

Jacobin - August 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Sent A Bunch Of Pizzas To The Coal Miners Blocking A Train In Kentucky

Vice - August 18, 2019


What Sanders' Political Revolution Looks Like In Real Life

Politico - August 19, 2019

Sanders Unveils Plan To End Cash Bail, Ban Private Prisons, and 'Fundamentally Transform' US Criminal Justice System

Common Dreams - August 18, 2019

Bernie Sanders's Campaign Staff Sends Pizza To Miners

Lex 18 Lexington News - August 16, 2019

The Old Man And The Stream

The Verge - August 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders Just Suggested A Unique Way To Legalize Marijuana

Yahoo Finance - August 11, 2019

NYC's $15 Minimum Wage Hasn't Brought The Restaurant Apocalypse — It's Helped Them Thrive

Business Insider - August 9, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Station Casinos Over Dealings With Employees

Calvin Ayre - August 9, 2019


Sanders Leads Fight Against 'Obscene' Trump Plan To Cut Food Stamp Access

The Guardian - August 8, 2019


Bernie Sanders Tells Joe Rogan He’ll End Marijuana Prohibition Via Executive Order

Gritpost - August 7, 2019

Bernie Sanders Says He Would Legalize Marijuana By Executive Order

Newsweek - August 7, 2019

Sanders Urges 'Billionaire, Trump-Supporting Owners' Of Las Vegas Palms Casino To Negotiate With Union

Reno Gazette Journal - August 6, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Town Hall With Immigrant Workers

Bernie Sanders on Youtube - August 5, 2019


Bernie Sanders Listened, Spoke At Vista Town Hall

The San Diego Union Tribune - August 5, 2019

Sanders Calls Out CNN For Airing Pharma Commercials During 2020 Debate

Truth Out - July 31, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls For Automatic Voter Registration For All Americans Aged 18 And Up

Gritpost - July 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Rallies Against Philadelphia Hospital Closure, Pitches Medicare For All

The Morning Call - July 15, 2019

Sanders Says He Backs Abolishing Electoral College

The Hill - July 11, 2019

Sanders Lays Out His Vision For America: Finish What Franklin Roosevelt Started

The Guardian - June 13, 2019

Video: Nina Turner: Bernie Sanders Will Stand Up To The Wealthy Like FDR Did

Status Coup On Youtube - June 13, 2019

Bernie Sanders Proposes New Economic Bill Of Rights

Truth Out - June 13, 2019

Bernie Sanders Defines Democratic Socialism, Says When The 99% Stand Up Against The 1% We Can Transform Society

Real Clear Politics - June 12, 2019

Fight For $15: 2020 Candidates Slam McDonald’s Over Workers Pay

USA Today - May 23, 2019

Bernie Sanders Will Attend Walmart’s Annual Meeting To Push For Higher Pay And Other Labor Reforms

CNBC - May 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is Using Teachers' Ideas - And Why That's A Big Deal

Forbes - May 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls For $60,000 Minimum Teacher Salary

Labor411 - May 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Just Unveiled His Plan To Overhaul Public Education, And It Includes Raising Teachers' Starting Salaries To $60,000

Business Insider - May 18, 2019

Bernie And AOC Team Up Against Companies That Prey On The Poor

New York Magazine - May 9, 2019

Sanders Calls For Breaking Up Big Agriculture Monopolies

AP News - May 5, 2019

Sen. Sanders Pledges Broadband For All

Broadcasting Cable - May 5, 2019

Bernie Sanders Introduces 'Rebuild Rural America' Proposals

NBC News - May 3, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants Incarcerated People To Vote. Here's Why He's Right.

NBC News - April 11, 2019

Sanders Calls For National Ban On Right To Work, Presses Candidates To Stand With Unions

NH News - April 8, 2019


Bernie Sanders Introduces Bold New Bill to Expand Social Security

Truth Dig - February 13, 2019

Where Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Stands On Marijuana

Marijuana Moment - February 19, 2019

Jeff Bezos Just Caved To Activists And Bernie Sanders And Raised Amazon’s Minimum Wage To $15

Vice - October 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is Quietly Building A Digital Media Empire

New York Magazine - April 22, 2018

Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan To Fix A Broken Democratic Party

Common Dreams - November 10, 2017

Video: Bernie Sanders Joins Dakota Pipeline Protest

ABC News On Youtube - November 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders Denounces Standing Rock Pipeline Project In Impassioned Tweet Storm

MIC - November 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders Voices His Opposition To Dakota Access Pipeline

Native News Online - August 25, 2016

Obama Wanted To Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened.

The Intercept - June 2, 2016

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Honoured With Coast Salish Name

CBC News - March 23, 2016

Under Sanders, Income And Jobs Would Soar, Economist Says

CNN - February 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders: It's Time To End Orwellian Surveillance of Every American

Time - May 7, 2015

Video: Sanders Supports Teachers

Senator Bernie Sanders On Youtube - March 1, 2011

Video: Sanders Defends Gay Soldiers

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - August 27, 1995