Bernie Sanders Is A




Bernie Sanders is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST, not a socialist. See below for the definitions.


Our Current System - Corporate Socialism:

Most major industries are privately owned, but still receive massive handouts, bailouts, and other benefits at the expense of the tax payer. It is driven by corporations ability to influence laws with large amounts of money. In this system, the wealthy become more wealthy at the expense of the lower classes. This system is essentially  Plutocracy (ruled by the wealthy).


Democratic Socialism:

Most major industries are privately owned, but they have to stand on their own without handouts from the government. The tax cuts to wealthy corporations is instead used to improve the lives of citizens. It seeks to hold corporations accountable for the choices they make through law changes, and creating stronger regulations to stop pollution, exporting of jobs and other destructive activities.


The people own most of the major American industries and their means of productions, distribution of goods. There is NO candidate running on a socialist agenda of taking over Facebook, Amazon, Ford. There is NO candidate running on taking away private property. 


The government owns most of the major American industries and their means of productions, distribution of goods. There is NO candidate running on a communist agenda of taking over Facebook, Amazon, Ford etcThere is NO candidate running on taking away private property. 








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