Bernie Sanders Is
Breaking Records


Bernie Sanders Has The Most Individual Donations

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Bernie Sanders Has The Most Money Raised

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Bernie Sanders Has The Most Volunteers

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Bernie Sanders Has The Biggest Crowds

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Bernie Sanders Has Raised The Most Money Of ALL The Democratic Candidates WITHOUT Relying On Big Donor/Super PAC Money

December 14, 2019: Bernie holds the largest rally of 2020 candidates in New Hampshire

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December 10, 2019: Sanders scores highest mark on 2020 Climate Report Card

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November 19, 2019: Bernie is the only one EVER to hit 4 million donations this early

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October 19, 2019: Bernie hold the biggest rally of the 2020 primary with 26,000 attending

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September 30, 2019: Bernie raises more money than any candidate by a large margin

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September 29, 2019: Bernie has the most Twitter followers - 6 times more than the others

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February 25, 2019: Bernie has more on the ground volunteers than any other candidate

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Sanders Announces 'Staggering' $34.5 Million Fourth-Quarter Haul, With Average Donation Of Just $18.53

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Over 1,300 People Join Bernie Sanders For NH’s Largest Rally Yet

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New California And National Polls Show Sanders Crushing 2020 Rivals Among Voters Under 45

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Sanders Scores Highest Mark on Sunrise Movement's Climate Report Card While Biden Told It's "Parent-Teacher Conference Time"

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Bernie Sanders Is The Movement Candidate We Need

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Poll: Trump Edges Biden, Trails Sanders In Neck And Neck Match-Ups

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Sanders Campaign Says It Reached 4 Million Individual Donations

The Hill - November 19, 2019

'What Momentum Looks Like': Sanders Becomes Fastest Presidential Candidate In History To Reach 4 Million Individual Donations

Common Dreams - November 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Sets A New Record With 4 Million Donations

CBS News - November 19, 2019

Video: Bernie 2020 Breaks Another Fundraising Record

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Ocasio-Cortez And Sanders Draw Largest Iowa Crowd Of Democratic Primary So Far With Call For 'Solidarity' Over Unity

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Sanders Outpaces Other 2020 Dems In Latino Fundraising Support

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Tracking The Money Race Behind The Presidential Campaign

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Bernie Sanders Raises More Money Than Any 2020 Candidate So Far

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Sanders Raises $25 Million In Third Quarter, Campaign Says

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Sanders Raises $25.3M In 3rd Quarter, But Trump Swamps All

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Bernie Sanders Raises Massive $25.3 Million In Third Quarter

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Bernie's Path To Victory

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Bernie Sanders Has The Most Views Online

ProgActNet On Twitter


Bernie Sanders Campaign Hits 1 Million Donors

CNN - September 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Hits 1 Million Donors

Politico - September 19, 2019


Bernie Sanders Hails Volunteer Army As Advantage Over Rivals

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Bernie Out-Raises Biden In Obama-Trump Swing Counties

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The Political Revolution In 2020 Relies On Massive Volunteer Organizing - July 17, 2019

Bernie Sanders Says 1,000,000 People Have Signed Up As Campaign Volunteers

Common Dreams - February 25, 2019