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Mike Bloomberg Gave The DNC $300K Two Days Before He Entered the 2020 Race

Vice - January 31, 2020

DNC Members Discuss Rules Change To Stop Sanders At Convention

Politico - January 31, 2020

Video: WATCH: Sanders Criticizes Fellow Candidates For Taking Billionaires' Contributions

PBS Newshour - December 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Executives Amid Claims That Exxon Mobil Projected Zero Emissions

Reductions By 2020

Newsweek - December 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is The Only Leading Democrat Who Hasn't Taken Money From Billionaires

Boing Boing - December 17, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks And Other Companies That Paid $0 Federal Income Tax In First Year Of Trump Tax Law 

Newsweek - December 16, 2019

Bernie Sanders Knocks Rivals For Taking Donations From Billionaires

CBC News - December 16, 2019


'Staggering' New Data Shows Income O(f Top 1% Has Grown 100 Times Faster Than Bottom 50% Since 1970

Common Dreams - December 9, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez Takes Victory Lap After Amazon Goes To NYC — Even After She Helped Block $3 billion In Subsidies

Raw Story - December 6, 2019


Goldman Sachs Says That Every One Of Its Private Equity Clients Is Preparing For Recession

Business Insider - December 5, 2019

Video: Why Billionaires Won’t Save Us - Netflix

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj On Youtube - December 2, 2019


Black Friday Protests Demand Amazon ‘Start Treating Workers Like Humans — Not Robots’

Raw Story - November 30, 2019

Vowing To Put People Before Corporate Interests, Sanders Agrees He Poses 'Existential Threat To The Democratic Party'

Common Dreams - October 29, 2019

'Tax the Hell Out Of Me,' Says Young Millionaire Google Exec At Prospect Of A President Bernie Sanders

Common Dreams - October 28, 2019

Twitter Users Break Out The Popcorn As Ocasio-Cortez Smokes Zuckerberg

Huffpost - October 23, 2019


'Money Is Not Speech And Corporations Are Not People': Sanders Unveils Plan To Get Corporate Money Out of Politics

Common Dreams - October 7, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants To Tax Companies That Pay Their CEOs Way More Than Their Workers

Vox - October 1, 2019

Sanders Eyes Taxes On Firms That Pay CEOs Far More Than Workers

The Hill - September 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants To Tax Companies Where CEOs Far Outearn Workers

CBS News - September 30, 2019

Corporate Media Ignores Connection Between Militarism And Climate Change

The Real News Network - September 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders Thanks Striking GM Union Members For Fighting Against ‘Corporate Greed’

CNBC - September 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders To Chicago Teachers: Worker Militancy Is Key to Fighting The Corporate Elite

In These Times - September 25, 2019

Campaigning In Iowa, Bernie Sanders Lets Supporters Take Center Stage

Des Moines Register- September 25, 2019

'Disgraceful:' Bernie Sanders Chastises American Airlines CEO Over Contract Breakdown

With Mechanics

Dallas Morning News - September 25, 2019

Sanders Hits Back At Rich Biden Donor: 'The Democratic Party I Represent Is The Party of The Working Class, Not Billionaires'

Common Dreams - September 20, 2019

In 'Disgusting' Move, Jeff Bezos Abruptly Cuts Health Benefits For Nearly 2,000 Part-Time

Whole Foods Workers

Common Dreams - September 13, 2019

Exxon Mobil Is Funding Centrist Democratic Think Tank, Disclosure Reveals

The Intercept - September 6, 2019

'If Environment Were A Bank,' Says Bernie Sanders, 'It Would Have Been Saved Already'

Common Dream - August 30, 2019

Video: Bernie's AMAZING Plan To Save Journalism

TYT On Youtube - August 27, 2019

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders On His Plan For Journalism

Columbia Journalism Review - August 26, 2019


Bernie Sanders Pledges To Protect News Organizations From Google And Facebook Dominance

CNBC News - August 25, 2019

Johnson & Johnson Must Pay Over $572 Million For Its Role In Oklahoma Opioid Crisis, Judge Rules

NBC News - August 26, 2019

To Force Billionaires Off Welfare, Sanders Tax Would Make Corporations Fund 100% of Public Assistance Their Low-Paid Workers Receive

Common Dreams - August 24, 2019

‘You’re Going To Start Paying Your Fair Share,’ Bernie Sanders Tells Big Business In 1-On-1 Interview With Channel 13

Channel 12 WHO TV - August 22, 2019

DNC President Tom Perez Hosting Fundraiser In Mexico

Daily Truth Report - August 20, 2019

Oil Companies Persuade States To Make Pipeline Protests A Felony

Bloomberg - August 19, 2019

Oil Lobbyist Touts Success In Effort To Criminalize Pipeline Protests, Leaked Recording Shows

The Intercept - August 19, 2019

Video: Kamala Harris Skips Climate Town Hall For Big Dollar Fundraiser

The Rational National On Youtube - August 19, 2019

Failing Upward: Corporate Lobbyists Run The Democratic Party

Observer - August 15, 2019

Calling Out Corporate Control Of US Media, Sanders Campaign Launches 'Bern Notice' Newsletter

Common Dreams - August 15, 2019

Koch Brothers Funded Centrist Democratic Group Third Way, According To New Book

Salon - August 14, 2019

CEOs Rake In 940% More Than 40 Years Ago, While Average Workers Earn 12% More

CBS News - August 14, 2019

Queens Steel Company Must Return $6 Million In Stolen Wages To Welders, Iron Workers As Part Of Criminal Plea Deal

New York Daily News - August 13, 2019

Lowe's Spent Billions On Share Buybacks, Zero On Severance For Laid-Off Workers

CBS News - August 12, 2019

How A President Bernie Sanders Could Take On Wall Street

Jacobin - August 8, 2019

No Billionaires For Bernie: Alone Among Democratic Frontrunners, Sanders Gets No Cash From Wealthiest Americans

Common Dreams - August 6, 2019

Bernie Sanders Boasts Zero Billionaire Donors

Truth Dig - August 6, 2019

Scientist Who Called Out Bolsonaro On Amazon Deforestation Is Fired

CNN Edition - August 3, 2019

Sanders Calls Out CNN For Airing Pharma Commercials During 2020 Debate

Truth Out - July 31, 2019

Bernie Sanders Makes Reinstating Net Neutrality A Campaign Promise

Tech Crunch - July 30, 2019

The Billionaires Are Against Bernie — And The Rest Of Us

Jacobin - July 12, 2019

Why Won’t New York Times Disclose Corporate Ties Of Sanders Critics?

Truth Out - July 11, 2019

Bernie Sanders On Target Saying 3 Richest Have As Much Wealth As Bottom Half Of All Americans

Politifact - July 3, 2019


Bernie Sanders Defines Democratic Socialism, Says When The 99% Stand Up Against the 1% We Can Transform Society

Real Clear Politics - June 12, 2019

Bernie Sanders to Military Industrial Complex: We Will Not Continue To Spend $700 Billion Per Year On War

Real Clear Politics - May 26, 2019

Bernie And AOC Team Up Against Companies That Prey On The Poor

New York Magazine - May 9, 2019

Factory Farms Are A Threat To America Says Bernie Sanders

Live Kindly - May 8, 2019

Bernie Sanders Takes On Monsanto, Big Ag Monopolies With Plan To 'Revitalize Rural America'

Common Dreams - May 6, 2019

Bernie Sanders Takes On Energy Industry In Houston

MRT - April 25, 2019


Fossil Fuel Industry Gave $2,371,680 to Senate Democrats Who Blocked Green New Deal

Gritpost - March 27, 2019

The Big Obstacle For Bernie Isn't DNC "Rigging"—It's Media Trashing

Common Dreams - March 4, 2019

Amazon Will Pay $0 In Taxes On $11,200,000,000 In Profit For 2018

Yahoo Finance - February 16, 2019

GM Manages To Find $22 Million To Pay CEO As It Closes 5 Plants And Lays Off 15,000 Workers

Labor 411 - December 13, 2018

Every Democrat Except Bernie Sanders Votes To Give $675 Billion To The Military

Gritpost - September 19, 2018

After Failing To Prosecute Bankers, Obama Cashes In With Wall Street Speeches

Common Dreams - September 18, 2017

Bernie Sanders Introduces The Bezos Act, Slamming Amazon’s Low Wages

CNBC - September 6, 2018

Where Free Speech Goes To Die

Jacobin - June 8, 2018

The IMF Confirms That 'Trickle-Down' Economics is, Indeed, A Joke

Pacific Standard - June 14, 2017

'I Just Don't Call Out Sick Anymore At All': New Report Says Walmart Punishes Employees For Taking Sick Days

Business Insider - June 2, 2017

Bernie Sanders Slams Democrats For Lacking 'Guts' To Fight Big Pharma

USA Today - January 12, 2017

These 15 Billionaires Own America's News Media Companies

Forbes - June 1, 2016


These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Business Insider - June 14, 2012