Bernie Sanders On
Health Care


These Are The Most Common False Statements

About Medicare For All:


FALSE: "A single payer system takes away choice"

FACT: A single payer system actually gives us more choice than what we currently have. Currently, if an employer decides to change insurance companies, they do not have to ask your permission. You will have to find a new doctor that is in "network" and accepts that particular insurance. In a Medicare for All system, there are no "networks" because everyone is in network. People would be free to switch jobs or start a new business without worrying about being covered. Abused spouses would now have the freedom to leave bad situations without worrying how they will pay for medical costs without coverage. People who become chronically sick will never be told they've hit their cap of coverage. Having everyone covered will also drastically bring down the money spent on health care due to preventative treatment. 

FALSE: "Those countries don't have anywhere near the population of the US, it would cost us way more than what they pay"

FACT: This is simple math, let's break it down. Let's pretend Canada has a population of 5 people and the US has 10 people (double the population of Canada). If it costs an average of $10 per person for healthcare, it will cost Canada $50 total....each person paying $10 to cover this amount. It will cost the US $100 total, but more people are paying into it and more people are covered...they are STILL paying only $10 per person, even though they have double the population.

FALSE: "Taxes would go up if we implemented Medicare for All"

FACT: The average person would pay LESS overall in taxes per year because they will no longer be paying premiums, co-pays, deductibles or out of pocket expenses. They will also never be denied coverage.








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