Bernie Sanders On The Electoral College


Bernie Sanders On Political & Electoral Reform



Bernie Sanders And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Make A Show Of Force In Queens

The New Yorker - October 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Pushes To Scrap The Electoral College For Reportedly Skewing The 2020 Playing Field

Inquisitr - July 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Backs Scrapping Electoral College After New Analysis Finds Entrenched Advantage For Trump In 2020

Newsweek - July 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders: Abolish The Electoral College

Paste Magazine - July 12, 2019

Bernie Sanders Backs Abolishing The Electoral College

Truth Dig - July 12, 2019

Sanders Says He Backs Abolishing Electoral College

MSN - July 12, 2019

Sanders Says He Backs Abolishing Electoral College

The Hill - July 11, 2019

Bernie on Board With Abolishing Electoral College

News Max - July 11, 2019

Where Each 2020 Democrat Stands On Abolishing The Electoral College

Axios - April 7, 2019

Why Democratic Contenders Now Call For Abolishing The Electoral College

The Nation - April 22, 2019

BERNIE: We Need To Reexamine The Electoral College After Hillary Clinton's Loss

Business Insider - November 27, 2016

Video: Sanders: Re-examine The Electoral College

CNN - November 27, 2016

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