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With New Hampshire Win, Bernie Sanders Is The Democrats’ 2020 Front-Runner

Time - February 12, 2020

As Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead Of Iowa Caucus, DNC Under Fire For Changing Rules To Help Bloomberg

Democracy Now - February 3, 2020

Bernie Sanders: The Popular Outsider

Shout Out UK - February 2, 2020

Media Attacks Aren’t Slowing Sanders’s Surge — They’re Showing His Independence

Truth Out - February 2, 2020

Bernie Sanders, The Democratic Front-Runner

The New Yorker - February 1, 2020

The Donors Powering The Campaign Of Bernie Sanders

New York Times - February 1, 2020

Unions Gravitate To Bernie Sanders Because Of His Long, Uncompromising Support For Labor

Washington Examiner - January 31, 2020

Bernie Sanders Soaring Because Candidates Who Tried To Imitate Were Fakes

New York Post - January 30, 2020

Bernie Sanders Is Now The Favorite In Iowa, New Hampshire, And Nevada

Paste Magazine - January 29, 2020

Bernie Sanders Campaign Homes In On Texas As Primary Nears

The Texas Tribune - January 28, 2020

Video: Cable News Gets Real About Bernie's Rise In Polls

The Rational National On Youtube - January 25, 2020

Turns Out Lots Of People "Like" Bernie Sanders

Vanity Fair - January 22, 2020

Video: Joe Rogan Discusses Presidential Candidates With Bari Weiss

JRE Clips On Youtube - January 20, 2020

Bernie Sanders Surges Into Lead In New CNN Poll

New York Magazine - January 22, 2020


CNN Poll Shows Sanders Surging Into First As Biden Continues To Drop—But Network Emphasizes Statistical Tie In Headline

Common Dreams - January 22, 2020

Sanders Surges As Progressives Flock To Him Over Warren

Politico - January 13, 2020

Poll Puts Sanders Ahead In New Mexico

Bernie Post - January 7, 2020


The Dominant Democrat Of The Trump Era

Axios - January 3, 2020

Bernie Sanders Outraises Billionaire-Backed Competition

Rolling Stone - January 2, 2020


Bernie Sanders's Momentum Continues With Massive Fundraising Haul

Vanity Fair - January 2, 2020

Bernie Sanders Outraises Billionaire-Backed Competition

Rolling Stone - January 2, 2020


Sanders Announces 'Staggering' $34.5 Million Fourth-Quarter Haul, With Average Donation Of Just $18.53

Common Dreams - January 2, 2020


Bernie Sanders Pledges To Create Government Based On 'Love And Compassion'

Des Moines Register - December 31, 2019

Because Of Small Donations, Sanders 'Out-Raised Literally Everyone Else In The Field' In 2019

Common Dreams - December 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is Winning The Donor Race...By A Lot

Paste Magazine - December 30, 2019

#PresidentSanders Trends As Vermont Senator Reportedly Leads Democratic Fundraising Race

Newsweek - December 30, 2019

Democratic Insiders Are Taking Bernie 2020 “Very Seriously”

Vanity Fair - December 27, 2019


How The Loyalty Bernie Sanders Commands Makes Him A Formidable Contender In The Democratic Primary Race

Chicago Tribune - December 26, 2019

Voters Want Change, Not Centrism

USA Today - December 26, 2019

Video: The Press Is Finally Taking Bernie Sanders Seriously

Rational National On Youtube - December 26, 2019

No One Is Dismissing Bernie Sanders' Chances Now

Truth Dig - December 26, 2019


Why Bernie Sanders Is Tough To Beat

New York Times - December 26, 2019


Democratic Insiders: Bernie Could Win The Nomination

Politico - December 26, 2019


'People Should Take Him Very Seriously': Sanders Polling Surge Reportedly Forcing Democratic Establishment To Admit He Can Win

Common Dreams - December 26, 2019


Democratic Insiders Reportedly Believe Bernie Sanders Could Win Nomination

Inquisitr - December 26, 2019


Bernie Sanders Overtakes Joe Biden Among Democrats In US Presidential Race: Poll

Press TV - December 24, 2019

'Authenticity,' 'Culturally Relevant': Why Bernie Sanders Is Resonating With Latinos

KRCC Southern Colorado's NPR Station - December 22, 2019

Ariana Grande Wants Her Fans To Vote. What Do They Think Of The 2020 Contenders?

The Guardian - December 21, 2019

Video: Bernie’s Unparalleled Popularity Brings Venice To A Stop (Videos)

Justice Gazette - December 21, 2019


Sanders Campaign Raised Over $1 Million On Debate Day

The Hill - December 20, 2019


Sanders Is Hot In The Polls, And Still Treated Like A Second-Tier Candidate

Vice - December 20, 2019


Video: Bernie Sanders Won The December Democratic Debate, According To One Focus Group

CNBC - December 20, 2019


Video: Why Bernie Sanders’ Debate Performance Could Give Him A YUGE Boost 

The Humanist Report On Youtube - December 20, 2019


Bernie Won The Battle Of The Wine Cave

Slate - December 20, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely SURGING—And Even The Media Can’t Deny It!

The Humanist Report On Youtube - December 17, 2019


Media Taking Notice As Sanders Surges In New Polls

Common Dreams - December 17, 2019

Leading Among People Of Color And Younger Voters, Sanders Right Behind Biden In New 2020 National Poll

Common Dreams - December 16, 2019

Video: Polls: Bernie's Dominating Lead With Young Voters, And Overall Rise

Rational National On Youtube - December 16, 2019


Over 1,300 People Join Bernie Sanders For NH’s Largest Rally Yet

NH Labor News - December 14, 2019


Ilhan Omar Joins Sanders In Drawing 1,300 People To Largest New Hampshire Rally Of 2020 Primary So Far

Common Dreams - December 14, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is Not Only Back, He Has The Best Shot At The Nomination Right Now

Boston Globe - December 13, 2019

Bernie Sanders Could Be The Most Underestimated 2020 Candidate, As He Surges In The Polls And Nabs Big-Name Endorsements 2 Months After A Heart Attack

Business Insider - December 12, 2019

Campaign Official: People Are 'Starting To Notice That Bernie Sanders Has A Real Shot'

The Hill - December 12, 2019


Biden’s SC Firewall In Danger? 2020 Front-Runner’s Lead Shrinks To New Low.

Post & Courier - December 12, 2019


Bernie Sanders Should Be Democrats' First Choice

Truth Dig - December 12, 2019


Joe Biden Is Underwater With Voters Earning Less Than $75,000 A Year, Who Overwhelmingly Prefer Bernie Sanders

Business Insider - December 11, 2019

Don’t Think Sanders Can Win? You Don’t Understand His Campaign

New York Times - December 10, 2019

Bernie Sanders Optimistic About Winning Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire

AP News - December 9, 2019

Sanders’s ‘Secret Weapon:’ Strong Latino Support

New York Magazine Intelligencer - December 6, 2019


Sanders Campaign Over The Weekend Opens 8 Offices And Knocks More Than 11,000 Doors In Iowa

North Iowa Today - December 4, 2019

Sanders Becomes First To Qualify For Maine's 2020 Primary

The Hill - December 2, 2019


The Case For Bernie

New York Times - November 30, 2019


Video: Surprising Candidate (Sanders) Draws Support Deep In Trump Country

CNN November 30, 2019


Sanders Leads Democrats In Fundraising In Oklahoma, While Bloomberg Drops More Than

$300,000 On Ads

Oklahoman - November 30, 0219


Bernie Sanders Is The Movement Candidate We Need

Common Dreams - November 27, 2019

Video: MSM Worried - New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Tied With Biden

Hard Lens Media On Youtube - November 24, 2019


2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Fundraising Numbers Showdown

Data Showdown - November 23, 2019

'Majority Of Americans Agree With Me And Bernie': Michael Moore Makes Powerful Case For Medicare For All On Post-Debate MSNBC Panel

Common Dreams - November 21, 2019

Bernie Comes In At #1

Michael Moore (Reader Supported News) - November 21, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Leading Nationally - New Poll 2020 Democratic Primary 

Political Forecast On Youtube - November 21, 2019

'We're Going To Win', Says Sanders, After New National Poll Shows Him Tied For Lead With Biden in 2020 Democratic Primary

Common Dreams - November 21, 2019

Inside The Bernie Sanders Campaign: Strong Supporters, Strategies... And Socks

CBS News - November 20, 2019

Video: Bernie 2020 Breaks Another Fundraising Record

The Rational National On Youtube - November 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Sets A New Record With 4 Million Donations

CBS News - November 19, 2019

'What Momentum Looks Like': Sanders Becomes Fastest Presidential Candidate In History To Reach 4 Million Individual Donations

Common Dreams - November 19, 2019

Video: Bernie LEADS In New National Poll

Rebel HQ On Youtube - November 15, 2019

'From The Bottom Of My Heart': Bernie Sanders Bounces As Health Scare Fades

CNN Politics - November 14, 2019

Yes, Women Of Color Support Bernie Sanders. It’s Time To Stop Erasing Our Voices. 

Teen Vogue - November 11, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez And Sanders Draw Largest Iowa Crowd Of Democratic Primary So Far With Call For 'Solidarity' Over Unity

Common Dreams - November 9, 2019

Which Democratic Candidates Are National Security Employees Opening Their Wallets For?

FP (Foreign Policy) - November 8, 2019

Sanders Outpaces Other 2020 Dems In Latino Fundraising Support

Politico - November 5, 2019


Bernie Sanders Mounts Show Of Force, Becomes More Personal In Appeal On Campaign Trail

MSNBC - November 3, 2019

Presidential Contender Bernie Sanders Draws Crowds To Williams Arena

Twin Cities Pioneer Press - November 3, 2019

Video: Iowa Crowd LOVES Bernie’s Answer On Healthcare, Shouts Angrily At Buttigieg

The Humanist Report On Youtube - November 1, 2019

'I Think We're Gonna Win This Thing': Sen. Bernie Sanders On 2020 Campaign

New Orleans Public Radio - October 31, 2019

Video: Krystal Ball: Bernie Sanders Surges Post Debate, Elizabeth Warren Falls

The Hill On Youtube- October 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders' Minneapolis Rally Moves To Bigger Venue Due To High Demand

Minnesota News - October 30, 2019

Sanders In A Fighting Mood At Keene State College Rally

Union Leader - October 30, 2019


Video: Does Bernie Sanders Really Have A Shot?

JRE Clips - October 30, 2019

Republican's Mockery Of Sanders And Socialism Backfires

Yahoo News - October 29, 2019

Sanders Takes Lead In New Poll Of New Hampshire

The Hill - October 28, 2019

Video: Michael Moore: Why I Support Bernie Over Warren

The Hill on Youtube - October 25, 2019

Poll: Voters Rate Sanders Most Honest On How Plan Affects Health Costs

The Hill - October 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Receives Enthusiastic Reception At Latino Presidential Town Hall In Iowa

Des Moines Register - October 24, 2019

Bernie Supporters Are The Most Diverse Of Any Democratic Presidential Contender

Boing Boing - October 23, 2019

'I Am Back': How Bernie Sanders' Revolution Is Proving Resilient

NPR - October 22, 2019

Video: Bernie Rally Draws Huge Crowd, Topping Every Candidate

The Rational National On Youtube - October 21, 2019

Don’t Be Surprised If Sanders Becomes The Kingmaker Of The Convention

Washington Post - October 16, 2019


Fueled By Teachers And Average Donation Of $18, Sanders Raised Record $25.3 Million In Third Quarter

Common Dreams - October 1, 2019

Sanders Raises $25 Million In Third Quarter, Campaign Says

The Hill - October 1, 2019

Sanders Raises $25.3M In 3rd Quarter, But Trump Swamps All

AP News - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Raises Massive $25.3 Million In Third Quarter

Yahoo News - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Just Had The Best Fundraising Quarter Of Any 2020 Candidate So Far

The Week - October 1, 2019

Sanders Sets High Bar With $25.3 Million Q3 Haul, Buttigieg Falls Short Of His Q2

ABC News - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Announces Massive $25.3 Million Third Quarter Fundraising Haul

CNN - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Raises $25 Million In Third Quarter, Most So Far By Any 2020 Democrat

Democracy Now! - October 1, 2019

Video: HUGE Bernie Sanders 2020 News

The Young Turks On Youtube - October 1, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Raises Enormous $25.3 Million From July-September

Status Coup On Youtube - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ 99 Endorsements In 99 Counties

Iowa Starting Line - September 25, 2019

Video: Breaking News: Bernie Sanders Unveils Endorsements In All 99 Counties In Iowa

The Dharma Network On Youtube - September 25, 2019

Is The United States On The Brink Of A Revolution?

The Conversation - September 25, 2019

The Kids Still Love Bernie

Jacobin - September 24, 2019

Young Women Actually Make Up More of Bernie's Base Than Men Do

Vice - September 20, 2019


'We Need You.' Cheers And Chants Greet A Calmer Bernie Sanders At Bennett College Visit

Greensboro - September 20, 2019

Sanders Campaign Announces It Contacted Over 1 Million Iowa Voters

The Hill - September 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders Hits 1 Million Donors

Politico - September 19, 2019

Bernie Has Been Vetted, and He Can Beat Trump

Jacobin - September 16, 2019

Sanders Or Warren: Who Gets More Support From Working-Class Donors?

Open Secrets - September 12, 2019

Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Field In NH

The Hill - September 11, 2019

Bernie Out-Raises Biden in Obama-Trump Swing Counties

Daily Beast - August 27, 2019

Here’s How Much All the Presidential Candidates Have Raised So Far

Yahoo Finance - August 29, 2019

Bernie Sanders Touts 'Campaign Of Energy And Excitement' As Evidence He's The Candidate To Take Down Trump

Common Dreams - August 25, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders LIVE On Minnesota News Interview

Bernie Sanders Interviews & Rallies On Youtube - August 24, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Brings Campaign To Minnesota State Fair

MPR News - August 24, 2019

Video: Bernie Listens: Millennial Roundtable In Miami

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - August 23, 2019

Polls Suggest Sanders May Be Underestimated

The Hill - August 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Got More Small Donations In Pennsylvania And New Jersey Than Elizabeth Warren And Joe Biden Combined

Philidelphia Inquirer - August 20, 2019

Sanders Leads Democratic Field In Colorado Poll

The Hill - August 20, 2019

Photos: Bernie Sanders Visits The Field Of Dreams

Des Moines Register - August 19, 2019

The Quiet Death Of The “White Bernie Bro” Attack

Jacobin - August 17, 2019

Biden Campaign Frets About Sanders Fundraising

Washington Examiner - August 16, 2019

Forget Conventional Wisdom — Bernie Sanders Is Electable

The Hill - August 15, 2019

Bernie’s Army Is Getting Ready To Take California

Millenniual Review - August 15, 2019

New Hampshire Poll Shows Bernie Sanders With Lead Over Biden

Yahoo - August 14, 2019

It's Very Clear: Bernie Sanders Can Beat Donald Trump

Common Dreams - August 14, 2019

Sanders Overtakes Biden In New Hampshire Poll

The Hill - August 13, 2019

Showing Size And Diversity Of Sanders' Grassroots Army, #MyBernieStory Goes Viral On Social Media

Common Dreams - August 13, 2019

Bernie Sanders 'Acing the Electability Test' As Another Poll Shows Senator Crushing Trump In General

Common Dreams - August 12, 2019

Sanders Is Winning

Michigan Progressive - August 12, 2019

#MyBernieStory Trends As Americans Share Why They Are Voting Sanders In 2020

Newsweek - August 12, 2019

Bernie Sanders Greets Overflowing, Energetic Crowd At The Iowa State Fair

Heavy - August 11, 2019


Sanders Leads Democratic Presidential Hopefuls In Arizona Fundraising

KTAR News - August 10, 2019

Bernie Sanders Dominates Democratic Field In Pittsburgh-Area Donors

Pittsburg Post Gazette - August 10, 2019

Bernie Sanders Top Fundraiser In Michigan

Deadline Detroit - August 9, 2019

What Happened When Bernie Sanders Went On The Joe Rogan Experience: Exactly What The Establishment Fears

LA Progressive - August 9, 2019

President Candidates: Hawaii Residents Donating The Most To Bernie Sanders

KITV 4 - August 8, 2019


Here's How Much Money 2020 Dems Raised In Michigan Trying To Defeat Trump

Detroit News - August 8, 2019


Bernie Sanders Killed It On Joe Rogan

Boing Boing - August 8, 2019

Democratic Candidates With The Most (And Least) Twitter Followers

Yahoo - August 7, 2019


Video: Bernie Is A Hit In Long Beach, CA On 8/6/19

Truth Justice On Youtube- August 7, 2019

Californians Have Made Their Choice: They Want Bernie And Tulsi

Oped News - August 7, 2019

Joe Rogan Praised By Twitter After Bernie Sanders Appears On Podcast To Debate Healthcare, Gun Laws And Aliens Newsweek - August 7, 2019


Bernie Sanders Fans In Long Beach Cheer Blasts At ‘Elites,’ Guns

MSN News - August 7, 2019

Democratic Voters Rank Bernie Sanders As 'Most Qualified' 2020 Candidate To Solve US Healthcare Crisis

Common Dreams - August 6, 2019

Video: New Poll Shows Biden And Bernie In Statistical Tie

The Hill On Youtube - August 6, 2019

Video: Bernie's Grassroots Dominance In 2 Charts

Secular Talk On Youtube - August 6, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wins Twitter In Hyper-Engaged Debate Week

Axios - August 5, 2019

Democrats In Queens Have Bernie Fever, As Donor Map Shows Major Support For Vermont Senator In Presidential Race

QNS News - August 5, 2019

Bernie Sanders Dominates Among Individual Donors: But Will That Translate Into Votes?

Salon - August 4, 2019

Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns

New York Times - August 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Are Dominating The Donor Game

Paste Magazine - August 2, 2019

Video: New Map Shows Bernie’s Massive Lead From Coast To Coast

Rational National On Youtube - August 2, 2019


Bernie Sanders Raised $2M From 100,000 Small Donors In All 50 States Since The Debate

Gritpost - August 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Raised $1.1 Million and 70,000 New Donations Since Tuesday

Fortune - July 31, 2019

Poll: Bernie Sanders Is Second Most Popular Senator; Elizabeth Warren Among Least Popular

Mediaite - July 19, 2019

Biden, Sanders Still Have Best Images Among Democrats

Gallup - July 19, 2019


Biden Leads, Warren And Sanders Tied For Second In New Poll

The Hill - July 19, 2019

Biden, Sanders And Warren All Lead Trump In 2020 Poll

New York Post - July 14, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Is Not "Fading"—He Actually Set A Fundraising Record

Status Coup - July 11, 2019

The Second Democratic Debate Proved That Bernie Really Has Transformed The Party

The Nation - June 28, 2019

Video: Nina Turner On Bernie Sanders Getting Nomination

TYT On Youtube - June 27, 2019

Pro-Trump Fox News Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads US President By 9% For 2020 Election

Telesur - June 17, 2019

How Bernie Sanders Can Win the Democratic Nomination

SoapBoxie - June 7, 2019

#NoMiddleGround Goes Viral As Sanders Backers Say Democrats Can't Afford To Compromise On Medicare For All, Reproductive Rights, And Bold Climate Agenda

Common Dreams - June 3, 2019


Progressive Journalist Says Sanders Could Outperform Biden In Midwest

The Hill - May 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is The New No. 1 In Our 2020 Democrat Rankings

CNN Politics - April 25, 2019


‘Not Me, Us:’ Despite Odd Criticisms, Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Campaign Gains Momentum

Nation Of Change - April 19, 2019

Sanders Gets Endorsements From 7 Black South Carolina Lawmakers

AP News - April 18, 2019

Bernie Sanders Leads Joe Biden In Emerson National Poll Of 2020 Contenders

USA Today - April 16, 2019

Fox Draws Nearly 2.6M Viewers For Sanders Town Hall

Detroit News - April 16, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is Adjusting To A New Campaign Role: Front-Runner

USA Today - April 8, 2019


For Many Voters, It’s Not What’s New About Bernie Sanders– It’s What’s The Same

Our Quad Cities - April 6, 2019

Election Analyst Says Sanders Could Have More Staying Power Than Biden In 2020

The Hill - April 5, 2019

The World’s Left-Wingers Are Feeling The Bern

Politico - April 4, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is the Frontrunner. Obviously.

New Republic - April 4, 2019

Letter To The Editor: The ‘Utah I See’ Wants Bernie

St George News - April 3, 2019

The Only Candidate Truly Funded By The People

Bernie Facts - April 3, 2019

Bernie Sanders Campaign Says It Raised $18.2 Million In 41 Days

PBS - April 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders Raises $18.2 Million To Lead 2020 Democratic Fundraising

Bloomberg - April 2, 2019


Bernie Sanders Raised $18.2 Million In First Six Weeks Of 2020 Presidential Campaign

Wall Street Journal - April 2, 2019


Bernie Sanders’ Immense Fundraising Haul Reflects A Resilient Movement

LA Times - April 2, 2019

Bernie Is Killing Kamala And Mayor Pete In Fundraising

Vice News - April 2, 2019

Bernie's Big Bucks: Sanders Hauls In $18.2 Million, Outpacing Field So Far

Fox News - April 2, 2019

Sanders Tops Democratic Fundraising As O'Rourke, Harris And Buttigieg Draw Big Sums

NPR - April 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders Raises $18 Million As Democrats' Money Primary Kicks Off

NBC News - April 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders Raises $18.2 Million to Lead 2020 Democratic Fundraising

Bloomberg - April 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders Holds Significant Lead In Poll Of Voters Under 30

Paste Magazine - April 1, 2019

Bernie Holds Double-Digit Lead Over 2020 Rivals Among Young Democratic Voters: Poll

Common Dream - April 1, 2019

Bernie’s Biggest Advantage? A Clear Policy Agenda Supported By The Majority Of Americans

Millennial Review - March 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ South Carolina Rally Crowd Size Photos & Videos

Heavy - March 14, 2019

Bernie Sanders Might Actually Be The Front Runner, Not Biden - Scott Jennings

CNN - March 10, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Iowa City Rally Turnout Was So Large, He Gave A Second Speech To An Overflow Room [PHOTOS]

Heavy - March 8, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Real Base Is Diverse — And Very Young

Vox - March 7, 2019

This Would Have Been The Electoral Map If Bernie Sanders Had Run Against Trump

All That's Interesting - November 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders' Accomplishments

Occasional Planet - March 4, 2016


Bernie Sanders Is The Democratic Front-Runner

The Atlantic - February 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders' 2020 Campaign Raises More Than $1 Million In Less Than 4 Hours

CBS News - February 19, 2019

Why Bernie Sanders Matters More Than People Think

Benjamin Studebaker Website - February 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Believes The 2018 Midterms Are A Chance For Young Voters To "Transform America"

Teen Vogue - November 3, 2018

How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women And People Of Color?

Common Dreams - December 18, 2018

Americans Maintain A Positive View Of Bernie Sanders

Gallup Report - October 5, 2018

Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders Can Win Back Donald Trump Supporters

Independent - December 6, 2016

More Young People Voted For Bernie Sanders Than Trump And Clinton Combined — By A Lot

Washington Post - June 20, 2016

Wall Street's Wisest: Bernie Sanders Is Best Candidate For Economy

CNBC March 9, 2016

Under Sanders, Income And Jobs Would Soar, Economist Says

CNN February 8, 2016