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Bernie Sanders On Climate Change




Sanders Introduces Bill To Ban Fracking

The Hill On Youtube - January 30, 2020

57 Climate Scientists Object After Biden Falsely Claims "Not A Single Solitary Scientist" Thinks Sanders' Green New Deal Can Work

Common Dreams - January 29, 2020

Over 55 Climate Scientists Call BS On Joe Biden's Claim No Scientists Support Bernie Sanders' Climate Plan

Gizmodo - January 28, 2020

More Than 50 Scientists Sign Letter Supporting Sanders’ Climate Plan

Bernie Post - January 28, 2020

Joe Biden Says No Scientists Back Bernie Sanders’ Climate Plan. He's Wrong

Earther - January 24, 2020

Sanders Focuses On Climate Change At Iowa City Rally

January 12, 2020


Sanders Says He'll Enact National Drinking Water Standards

US News - December 31, 2019

After Telling Moderator Climate Question 'Misses The Mark,' Sanders Says Real Issue Is Will We 'Save The Planet For Our Children And Grandchildren'

Common Dreams - December 20, 2019

Sanders: Instead Of Weapons Funding We Should Pool Resources To Fight Climate Change

The Hill - December 19, 2019


Bernie Sanders Reveals He Won't Vote For USMCA, Says Climate Change Omission In Deal Is An 'Outrage'

The Week - December 19, 2019


Bernie Sanders Calls Out Executives Amid Claims That Exxon Mobil Projected Zero Emissions

Reductions By 2020

Newsweek - December 20, 2019


Rural Community That Lost Two Coal Mines Is Now Teaching Kids To Install Solar Panels

MNN - December 19, 2019


Al Gore Says Democrats Should Run On The Green New Deal

The Hill - December 13, 2019


Calling Him Only 2020 Candidate Whose Plan 'Can Save Our Planet,' US Youth Climate Strike Leaders Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

Common Dreams - December 6, 2019


Video: Isra Hirsi Of U.S. Youth Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - December 6, 2019

Sanders Scores Highest Mark on Sunrise Movement's Climate Report Card While Biden Told It's "Parent-Teacher Conference Time"

Common Dreams - December 5, 2019

Sanders To join Youth Climate Strikers In Iowa

The Hill - December 4, 2019


Climate Crisis Pushing Earth To A 'Global Tipping Point,' Researchers Say

CNN - November 28, 2019


Sanders' Green New Deal: A Realistic Response to the Emergency That Will Define Our Lifetimes

Common Dreams - November 25, 2019


Bernie Sanders 'Best' On Health Care, The Economy, Environment And Immigration In New 2020 Poll​

Newsweek - November 5, 2019

ExxonMobil Is Still Bankrolling Climate Science Deniers

Truth Out - October 21, 2019

Corporate Media Ignores Connection Between Militarism And Climate Change

The Real News Network - September 26, 2019

Video: Bernie Proves Why He's The One To Lead The World In MSNBC's Climate Forum

The Rational National On Youtube - September 20, 2019

Sanders Vows, If Elected, to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Fossil Fuel CEOs for Knowingly

'Destroying the Planet'

Common Dreams - September 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders On Climate Crisis: ‘I Would Use All The Executive Powers That We Have’

MSNBC - September 19, 2019

Climate Advocates Are Nearly Unanimous: Bernie’s Green New Deal Is Best

Jacobin - September 9, 2020

6 Winners And 3 Losers From CNN’s Climate Town Hall

Vox - September 6, 2019

Economist Debunks All The Right-Wing Talking Points About The Green New Deal

Raw Story - September 3, 2019

‘Donald Trump Is A Hoax’: Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Visits Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Online - August 30, 2019

'If Environment Were A Bank,' Says Bernie Sanders, 'It Would Have Been Saved Already'

Common Dream - August 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal Is A Game-Changer For Food & Farming

Common Dreams - August 29, 2019

Video: Hill TV Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Reveals Filibuster Plans For McConnell

The Hill On Youtube - August 26, 2019

France Upstages Trump At G7 by Inviting Iran To Salvage Nuclear Deal

Common Dreams - August 26, 2019


The DNC Rejects A Climate Change Debate And Puts Virtual Caucusing In Doubt

Vox - August 25, 2019

Sanders Campaign Calls On Candidates To Unite Against DNC, Demand Climate Debate

Truth Out - August 23, 2019

Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turner Calls For All Democratic Candidates To Unite Against DNC Over #ClimateDebate

Common Dreams - August 23, 2019

The Surprisingly Great Idea In Bernie Sanders’s Green New Deal: Electric School Buses

Vox - August 23, 2019

The DNC's Climate Debate Is As Good As Dead

Vice - August 23, 2019

Bernie Sanders's Climate Plan Is More Radical Than His Opponents' - And More Likely To Succeed

The Intercept - August 22, 2019

Sanders Unveils Green New Deal Plan To Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Create 20 Million Jobs

EcoWatch - August 22, 2019

DNC Votes Down Climate-Focused Debate

The Hill - August 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders' $16 Trillion Climate Plan Is Nothing Short Of A Revolution

Truth Out - August 22, 2019

Sanders To Unveil Climate Plan On Thursday

The Hill - August 20, 2019

Oil Companies Persuade States To Make Pipeline Protests A Felony

Bloomberg - August 19, 2019

Oil Lobbyist Touts Success In Effort To Criminalize Pipeline Protests, Leaked Recording Shows

The Intercept - August 19, 2019

'Donald Trump Is An Idiot,' Bernie Sanders Tweets On Saturday Afternoon

Newsweek - August 10, 2019

Top Climate Change Scientist Quits USDA, Says Trump Administration Tried To Bury His Study

The Hill - August 5, 2019


Scientist Who Called Out Bolsonaro On Amazon Deforestation Is Fired

CNN Edition - August 3, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls For Shutdown Of Line 5 Pipeline

Michigan Live - July 25, 2019


Sanders And Ocasio-Cortez Pressure Congress To Declare Climate Change A National Emergency

CNN Politics - July 9, 2019

US Military Is A Bigger Polluter Than As Many As 140 Countries – Shrinking This War Machine Is A Must

The Conversation - June 24, 2019

Bernie Sanders 'Raises The Bar Even Further' On Climate With Vow To Ban Fracking, All New Fossil Fuel Projects

Common Dreams - April 17, 2019

'Absolute Failure': DNC Passes Perez Resolution Reversing Ban On Donations From Fossil Fuel PACs

Common Dreams - August 10, 2018

Burger King Linked To A Whopping Million-Plus Acres Of Deforestation

Sierra Club - March 17, 2017

Bernie Sanders Voices His Opposition To Dakota Access Pipeline

Native News Online - August 25, 2016

Long-Awaited EPA Study Says Fracking Pollutes Drinking Water

Eco Watch - June 4, 2015

Sanders Votes No On Keystone XL Pipeline

Bernie Sanders Senate Page - January 29, 2015