Bernie Sanders Is

A Real Democrat

The Democratic Party, at a national level, is the catchall party for anyone left of Republicans because our system doesn’t allow for anything more than that. If it upsets you that Bernie is described as the label that most accurately fits him, your problem is with the two-party system that makes it impossible for him to run as anything besides a Democrat.


Quite honestly, Democrats should be glad he’s running this way. The other outcome is one where he runs as a Democratic Socialist in a multiparty system, either helping to replace the Democratic Party or splitting the vote and giving Trump four more years in office.

No one ever points out that Mike Bloomberg isn't a "real" Democrat...he was a Republican until last year. Trump was a life long democrat, Elizabeth Warren was a Republican until age 47, Joe Biden may as well be a Republican with his policy record. Vote on POLICY, not party.

Bernie Sanders is what a democrat was before getting bought by corporations. Sanders serves as the chair of outreach for the Democratic caucus and is the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee.

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