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Bernie & Jane Sanders Defrauded

A Vermont College



This argument is a completely false right wing talking point that has been debunked numerous times. Due to partisan smear attacks against Bernie, an investigation was launched which very quickly cleared both Bernie & Jane of ANY wrong doing.

Let's use some common sense here: if any of this were remotely true, the corporate media would be reporting this all day long as their top story. They hate Bernie so much that they would salivate at the chance to accuse him or Jane of wrong doing...yet no one questions the decision to drop the charges against her. These allegations are so ridiculous, I'm not going to waste much time on this one.

See the multiple links below.




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Feds Decline To Bring Charges Against Bernie Sanders' Wife In Land Deal

NBC News - November 13, 2018



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Politico - November 13, 2018


Vermont's US Attorney Files No Charges Against Jane Sanders Over Burlington College Land Deal

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