Bernie Sanders

Beats Donald Trump



  • Bernie Sander is the only candidate that can raise huge amounts of money without being propped up by corporate donors (Click Link). While the other candidates have soft support, Bernie's support remains strong even in the face of extreme media bias. 

  • Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that beats Trump in head to head polls by state and nationally.

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Strategy For Beating Trump:

Trump attacked ALL his opponents for taking corporate money (some cases his own corporate money) we need to turn the tables on that. Bernie can list all the cabinet positions trump filled with corporate lobbyists and CEO's and use the catch phrase "HE TOOK THE MONEY" when referring to Trump.


Use the argument Trump used on Hillary to force Trump to defend the establishment, essentially neutering him and forcing him to defend the status quo he created.

(Many thanks to Randy Pagen for this strategy idea)

Lobbyists & CEO's Trump Has Filled His Cabinet With:


Adcock, Rebeckah Freeman - Lobbyist For CropLife America  

Trump's Dept of Agriculture, Senior Advisor

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Anderson, Byron - Lobbyist For Transamerica

Trump's Dept of Labor, Special Assistant to the Secretary

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Arangio, Jennifer - Lobbyist For Command Policy Group

Trump's Executive Office of the President, National Security Council Director

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Arbes, Sarah - Lobbyist For Business Roundtable

Trump's Dept of Health & Human Services, Legislative Assistant

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Ashooh, Richard - Lobbyist For BAE Systems

Trump's Bureau of Industry & Security, Assistant Secretary of Commerce

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Averill, Christopher - Lobbyist For New England Council

Trump's General Services Administration, Communications Advisor

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Bailey, Bradley - Lobbyist For American Investment Council

Trump's Dept of the Treasury, Asst. Secretary, Legislative Affairs

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Ballard, Brian - Lobbyist For Ballard Partners

Presidential Transition Finance Cmte, Member

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Erik Baptist - Lobbyist For American Petroleum Institute

Trump's Environmental Protection Agency, Senior Deputy General Counsel

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Stewart Barber - Lobbyist For Corley Consulting

Trump's Executive Office of the President, Trade Representative

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Riley Barnes - Lobbyist For Akin, Gump et al

Trump's Dept of State, Senior Speechwriter & Planning staff

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Peter Barrett - Lobbyist For National Assn of State Treasurers

Trade & Development Agency, Chief of Staff

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John Barsa - Lobbyist For MRIGlobal

Trump's Dept of Homeland Security, Assistant Secretary

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Baum, Erika - Lobbyist For General Mills

Trump's Dept of Transportation, Executive Assistant to the Secretary

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Bedell, Anthony R - Lobbyist For RedFive Strategies

Trump's Dept of Transportation, Deputy Assistant Secretary

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Benczkowski, Brian A - Lobbyist For Kirkland & Ellis

Trump's Dept of Justice, Assistant AG for Criminal Div

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Benevento, Douglas - Lobbyist For Greenberg Traurig LLP

Trump's Environmental Protection Agency, Regional Administrator, Region 8

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Bernhardt, David L - Lobbyist For Brownstein, Hyatt et al

Trump's Dept of the Interior, Secretary of the Interior

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Tom Blank - Lobbyist For Belvedere Strategies

Trump's Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Chief of Staff

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Susan Bodine - Lobbyist For Barnes & Thornburg

Trump's Environmental Protection Agency, Asst Admin, Enforcement/Compliance

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Kristi Boswell - Lobbyist For American Farm Bureau

Trump's Dept of Agriculture, Senior Advisor to the Secretary

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Kim Brandt - Lobbyist For Alston & Bird

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Principal Deputy Administrator for Ops

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