Bernie Supporters Are In a Cult/Angry Supporters


The term "Bernie Bro" is a misnomer used to paint Bernie supporters as (white) toxic males and imply he isn’t electable because of that. In reality, “Bernie Bros” come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. In the age of the internet, it’s ridiculous to try and hold every candidate responsible for every individual act by every individual supporter. If it were logical to do that, I would have cause to never vote for any other candidate on account of all the random people making fake accounts as people of color to say Black folks don’t like Bernie or constantly trying to guilt and insult people into supporting their candidate. If this were a logical argument, I would have never voted for Clinton after her supporters called me sexist. Let’s keep this discourse about the candidates and about the things they can control.


The hypocrisy of this argument is astounding. The same people who yell "You Bernie bots cost Hillary the election. Why didn't you listen to Bernie when he told you to vote for her?" are the same people accusing us of being in a cult. You can't have it both ways. We do not follow the man, we follow the policy. When we don't agree, we will make our voices heard (Click Link). This movement has always been about the PEOPLE and what they want.

In the end, a huge majority of Bernie supporters ended up putting their feelings aside and voting for Hillary. The fact that he was able to convince so many of his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton at all is extremely impressive. Bernie's support is a collection of democrats, independents and conservatives who are all tired of the corruption on BOTH SIDES of the aisle. 


More Sanders supporters voted for Hillary than Hillary supporters voted for Obama.

The exit polls show that 15% of Hillary supporters voted for John McCain (Click Link), while the exit polls in 2016 show that 12% of Bernie supporters voted for Trump (Click Link) or (Click Link).



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Media Bias - Democratic Group That Hate
Media Bias - Democratic Group That Hate