The 2016 Primaries Were Rigged

Against Bernie Sanders



Super Delegates From West Virginia, 2016,_2016

2016 West Virginia Democratic Primary

2016 Wisconsin Democratic Primary

2016 Michigan Democratic Primary

2016 Alaska Democratic Caucuses

2016 Hawaii Democratic Caucuses

2016 Vermont Democratic Primary

2016 New Hampshire Democratic Primary

2016 Colorado Democratic Caucuses

2016 Minnesota Democratic Caucuses

2016 Oklahoma Democratic Primary

2016 Kansas Democratic Caucuses

2016 Nebraska Democratic Caucuses

2016 Maine Democratic Caucuses

2016 Idaho Democratic Caucuses

2016 Utah Democratic Caucuses

2016 Washington Democratic Caucuses

2016 Wyoming Democratic Caucuses

2016 Rhode Island Democratic Presidential Primary

2016 Indiana Democratic Primary

2016 Oregon Democratic Primary

2016 Montana Democratic Primary

2016 North Dakota Democratic Caucuses

2016 Democrats Abroad Primary




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The 2016 election was bought by the corporate elites. Below is a timeline of events showing the outright cheating that happened to prop up their preferred candidate.

  • July 23, 2016: It is confirmed that more than 60 superdelegates are registered lobbyists for banks, oil companies, foreign governments, and payday lenders such as Goldman Sachs, SC.C Credit Union, Enron, Ariel Investments, Madison Group and Fowler Communications. 

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