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‘I Would Rather Have A Socialist In The White House Than Donald Trump,’ Says Republican Joe Walsh

Market Watch - February 7, 2020

Video: Trump Just Handed Bernie Sanders The PERFECT General Election Attack

The Humanist Report On Youtube - January 27, 2020

'The Only One I Didn't Want Her To Pick': In Secret Recording, Trump Admits Fear Of Clinton Picking Sanders As VP In 2016

Common Dreams - January 25, 2020

Conservative Hugh Hewitt To Vote For 'Authentic' Bernie Sanders In Democratic Primary

Washington Times - January 19, 2020

Video: Bernie's Dem Socialism Isn't Communism...It's Not Even Socialism

David Packman On Youtube - January 10, 2020

Bernie Sanders Is A Loud, Stubborn Socialist. Republicans Like Him Anyway.

National Journal - January 10, 2020

Longtime Campaign Aide Vows Sanders Will Continue To Combat Political Establishment As President

The Hill - December 26, 2019

Video: Conservative Commentator: Sanders Is 'Only One' Who Could Take On Trump In Debates

The Hill - December 17, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Speaks At Iowan Organic Farmers Presidential Forum 

Bernie Sanders On Youtube - December 6, 2019

Video: Saagar Enjeti: What Conservatives Could Learn From Bernie Sanders

The Hill - December 2, 2019


Video: Surprising Candidate (Sanders) Draws Support Deep In Trump Country

CNN November 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Slams Mandatory Gun Buybacks As 'Unconstitutional'

Washington Times - November 11, 2019

Bernie Sanders: Mandatory Gun Buybacks Are ‘Essentially Confiscation, Which I Think Is Unconstitutional’

The Epoch Times - November 11, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Completely DESTROYS Republican

Savant On Youtube - November 10, 2019


Marijuana Legalization Plan Shows Sanders Is No Socialist

American Prospect - October 29, 2019

Republican's Mockery Of Sanders And Socialism Backfires

Yahoo News - October 29, 2019

Bernie Sanders Supports Gun Registration, But Won't Confiscate AR-15 Rifles

Cosmopolitan - September 27, 2019

Bernie Sanders Begins Iowa Tour To Court Trump Voters

Seattle Times - September 23, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Tours Iowa’s Obama-Trump Counties, Presents Himself As Best Candidate To Win In 2020

Quad City Times - September 23, 2019

Sanders To Join Teachers, Auto Workers Striking In Midwest

The Hill - September 20, 2019

Once A Trump Supporter, Union President Endorses Bernie Sanders

Gab News - September 9, 2019

Video: This Registered Republican Says She Would Vote For Bernie Over Trump

Bernie Sanders On Facebook - September 8, 2019

Video: Republican Talks About How Much Senator Bernie Sanders Accomplished In Congress

Metta8888 On Youtube - September 5, 2019


Video: Let's Talk About Trump Telling The Truth About The Economy....

Beau of the Fifth Column On Youtube - August 15, 2019

Why Calling Bernie Sanders A 'Radical' Is Nonsense

Common Dreams - June 30, 2019

Fox News Viewers Are More Likely To Support Bernie Sanders Than People Who Watch MSNBC

Business Insider - May 14, 2019

Video: Let's Talk About The Candidate Who Can Beat Trump....

Beau of the Fifth Column On Youtube - May 1, 2019

Video: Trump Supporter Switches To Bernie Live On CSPAN

CSPAN - April 26, 2019

He Went To The ER In Taiwan, Then His "Horrors Of Socialized Medicine" Post Went Viral.

Up Worthy - February 28, 2019

Video: Jim Carrey Explains Universal Healthcare

Real Time With Bill Maher - December 16, 2018

Bernie Sanders, Allies Push To Expand Social Security Benefits

Washington Times - September 13, 2018

Report: Vermont Ranked As Best Place To Live In America

NBC 5 News - July 11, 2018

The Lifelong Republicans Who Love Bernie Sanders

The Atlantic - November 24, 2015


John McCain: Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Clinton, Has ‘Record of Advocacy’ For Vets

Observer - October 28, 2015

Why Surprising Numbers Of Republicans Vote For Bernie Sanders

Common Dreams - August 29, 2015