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Video: MSNBC Panel Wonders How Bernie Bros Will React If DNC Steals Nomination At Convention

The Humanist Report On Youtube - February 14, 2020


Vegas Workers Back Sanders Despite Union Attack On Medicare For All

Bernie Post - February 14, 2020

Video: Krystal Ball Dismantles Media's Outrageous Coverage Of Bernie's Win

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - February 12, 2020


Video: CNN Copes With Bernie's Primary Victory

The Damage Report On Youtube - February 12, 2020


Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Attacking Bernie Sanders As He Wins?

GQ - February 12, 2020


Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Attacking Bernie Sanders As He Wins?

Yahoo News - February 12, 2020


Voter Says She's Backing Sanders Because Of Negative Coverage On MSNBC

The Hill - February 11, 2020


#FireChuckTodd Trends After MSNBC Anchor Quotes Article Comparing Bernie Sanders Supporters To Brownshirts

Newsweek - February 11, 2020


Video: 7 Ways The Media Sure Is Freaking Out About Bernie Sanders 

Some More News On Youtube - February 11, 2020

Chuck Todd ‘Should Apologize And Resign’: MSNBC Anchor Blasted For Nazi Smear

Raw Story - February 10, 2020


Video: Krystal Ball: Voters Reject Media's Bernie Bashing

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - February 10, 2020


Fire Chuck Todd: Todd Compared Sanders' Supporters To Nazi Brown Shirts

Maven Round Table - February 10, 2020


Bernie Sanders Attacked By Unhinged James Carville On MSNBC

Christo Aivalis On Youtube - February 10, 2020


Chris Matthews’ Wild Rant Connects A Bernie Sanders Win With Public Executions

Rolling Stone - February 8, 2020


Video: Chris Matthews: Bernie Is Just Like Bain

The Young Turks (TYT) On Youtube - February 8, 2020


Chris Matthews Slammed For Spreading Misinformation About Sanders' Democratic Socialist Agenda On Post-Debate Panel

Common Dreams - February 8, 2020


Chris Matthews Warns Of ‘Executions In Central Park’ If Socialism Wins

New York Post - February 8, 2020


Video: Krystal And Saagar: Even The Establishment Wants Tom Perez To Resign

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - February 7, 2020

Video: Krystal Ball: Pete, DNC Collusion Is Class Warfare

The Hill On Youtube - February 7, 2020

Video: MSNBC Guest FUMING Over Bernie Outshining Buttigieg

Majority Report With Sam Seder On Youtube - February 7, 2020


How Corporate Media Make Pete Look Like He’s Winning

Common Dreams - February 6, 2020

Don’t Let Corporate Media Or DNC Fool You — Sanders Scored A Big Win In Iowa

Truth Out - February 6, 2020


Iowa Democratic Party Releases 85% Of Caucus Results But An Error Forces Correction

MSN - February 6, 2020

Democrats Mistakenly Award Iowa Delegates For Bernie Sanders To Deval Patrick

Truth Out - February 6, 2020


After Bernie’s Win in Iowa, The Democratic Party Is Shitting Its Pants

Jacobin - February 6, 2020

Video: Iowa Caucus Debacle: Pete's Questionable Ties; Bernie Leads Popular Vote

The Rational National On Youtube - February 5, 2020


Iowa Democrats Screw Up Latest Batch Of Caucus Results

Iowa Starting Line - February 5, 2020


Iowa Releases Partial Caucus Results, Confuses People Even More

Rolling Stone - February 4, 2020


#TomPerezResign: DNC Chair Under Fire For Iowa Disaster, Favoritism For Billionaire Oligarch Bloomberg

Common Dreams - February 4, 2020


After Epic 'Nightmare' In Iowa, Democratic App Built By Secretive Firm Shadow Inc. Comes Under Scrutiny

Common Dreams - February 4, 2020


"It's Okay, Chris": MSNBC's Matthews Mocked For Fearing Sanders Nomination

Common Dreams - February 3, 2020


Media Attacks Aren’t Slowing Sanders’s Surge — They’re Showing His Independence

Truth Out - February 2, 2020

Video: MSNBC's Anti-Bernie Bias Is HILARIOUS

The Young Turks (TYT) On Youtube - February 2, 2020


Right-Wing Business Billionaires Launch Attack On Bernie Sanders

Truth Out - January 31, 2020


Corporate Media Are The Real ‘Sanders Attack Machine’ - January 30, 2020


The Bernie Blackout Is Real, And These Screenshots Prove It

Truth Out - January 30, 2020


How Establishment Hate For Sanders Only Fuels His Rise

American Herlad Tribune - January 30, 2020

'Out Of Touch' Pro-Israel Group Criticized For Ads Hitting Bernie Sanders On Electability

Common Dreams - January 29, 2020


Sanders Campaign Says It Raised More Than $1.3 Million In One Day After Negative Ad

The Hill - January 29, 2020


Pro-Israel Super PAC Is Spending Big Money To Defeat Bernie Sanders In Iowa

Mondoweiss - January 29, 2020


Video: Chris Matthews Rethinks Bernie Sanders Smear, Quickly Apologizes

The Humanist Report On Youtube - January 29, 2020


It’s Media—Not Bernie Sanders—That Have An Antisemitism Problem - January 28, 2020


They Forgot About Bern

The American Prospect - January 28, 2020

The Eternally Unvetted Bernie Sanders

New Republic - January 28, 2020


NYT Columnist Fails To Disclose Husband’s Work For Warren In Attack On Sanders

Washington Free Beacon - January 28, 2020

Video: Billionaire Steve Rattner Confirms #StopBernie Campaign Set To Go If Bernie Sanders Wins Nomination

Left Side Crew On Youtube - January 28, 2020

Video: Democratic Mega Donor Reveals Plan To STOP Bernie If He Wins Iowa And New Hampshire

Jolah On Youtube - January 28, 2020

Video: Saagar Enjeti Destroys NYT's Woke Bernie Bro Attack

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - January 28, 2020


Video: Democratic Mega Donor Reveals Plan To STOP Bernie If He Wins Iowa And New Hampshire

Jolah On Youtube - January 28, 2020

Video: Chris Matthews Shares Comically Wrong Analysis Of Bernie Sanders

The Rational National On Youtube - January 28, 2020

Video: Bloomberg Backer ADMITS To Bernie SABOTAGE

Rebel HQ On Youtube - January 28, 2020

Video: Fake Outrage Over Joe Rogan Reaches Peak

Jimmy Dore Show On Youtube - January 27, 2020

Video: Joe Rogan Semi-Endorses Bernie & Elite Media Goons Flip

Secular Talk On Youtube - January 27, 2020

Video: Joe Rogan Bernie Drama Exposes The Worst Of The Left

David Packman Show On Youtube - January 27, 2020

Video: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, & The Rest Of The View Cast Spew Nonsense Anti-Bernie Attacks.

Hard Lens Media On Youtube - January 27, 2020

Video: Mayor Pete BLATANTLY LIES About Bernie's Polling Against Trump

Jolah On Youtube  January 27, 2020

Video: Twitter Defends Joe Rogan’s Bernie Support Following Mindless Outrage

The Rational National On Youtube - January 25, 2020

Video: MSNBC's Jennifer Rubin Blatantly LIES To Smear Bernie

Jolah On Youtube - January 26, 2020


Video: Panel Reacts To SJW Freakout Of Rogan Bernie Support

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - January 24, 2020


Video: Krystal Ball: Media Gets Everything Wrong Again, Here Are The Receipts

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - January 24, 2020


Video: Corporate Dem Laughs & Scoffs When Told Bernie Is Popular!

Secular Talk On Youtube - January 23, 2020


Bernie Sanders Surges Into Lead In New CNN Poll

New York Magazine - January 22, 2020


CNN Poll Shows Sanders Surging Into First As Biden Continues To Drop—But Network Emphasizes Statistical Tie In Headline

Common Dreams - January 22, 2020

Turns Out Lots Of People "Like" Bernie Sanders

Vanity Fair - January 22, 2020


Hillary Clinton Keeps Blaming Bernie Sanders, But He's Not The Reason She Lost To Trump In 2016

Business Insider - January 21, 2020

Video: Bernie Dogpiled For Thoughtful Answer On Trump Voters

Secular Talk On Youtube - January 20, 2020

Video: Corporate Media LIES (Again) About Bernie Sanders' Support of Women

Status Coup On Youtube - January 20, 2020


Media Stupidity Is Uniting Left And Right

Rolling Stone - January 20, 2020


Video: MSNBC Uses Crank Pseudoscience To Attack Bernie

Secular Talk On Youtube - January 20, 2020


MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid Invites Quack Body Language Expert On To Trash Sanders

Mint Press News - January 20, 2020


'This Is Why No One Trusts The Media': MSNBC Slammed For Featuring 'Body Language Expert' Who Calls Sanders A Liar

Common Dreams - January 18, 2020


Joy Reid Body Language Expert Says Elizabeth Warren Was Telling The Truth: ‘I Think Bernie’s Lying’

Mediaite - January 18, 2020


How An Anti-Sexist Candidate Got Smeared As Sexist

Jacobin - January 17, 2020

Video: Krystal and Saagar: Did Warren Stage Showdown With Bernie After The Debate?

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - January 16, 2020


CNN Debate Blatantly Targeted Bernie Sanders And The Anti-Establishment 

Newsweek - January 16, 2020


CNN’s Shameful Treatment Of Bernie Sanders 

Chicago Tribune - January 16, 2020

Video: Warren Sanders CNN Debate Audio. Ana Kasparian On Cuomo

The Young Turks (TYT) On Youtube - January 16, 2020


Video: Morning Joe Panel Defends Bernie With Shocking Clarity

The Rational National On Youtube - January 15, 2020


CNN Has It In For Bernie

The Nation - January 15, 2020


CNN Completely Botched The Democratic Presidential Debate

Huffington Post - January 15, 2020


CNN All In On Blasting Bernie: ‘Can’t Imagine Any Woman Watching’ Debate Believed Sanders’ Denial

Mediaite - January 15, 2020


The Big Loser In The Iowa Debate? CNN’s Reputation - January 15, 2020

CNN’s Debate Performance Was Villainous And Shameful

Rolling Stone - January 15, 2020


Video: DNC Senior Adviser Trashes Bernie Sanders On CNN As Part Of Faux Bernie-Warren Scandal

Satus Coup On Youtube - January 15, 2020

Video: Krystal Ball: Warren's Identity Politics Smear Backfired Spectacularly

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - January 15, 2020


#CNNIsTrash Trends As Pushback Grows Against Oligarchic Election Meddling

Caitlin Johnstone - January 15, 2020


At The Iowa Debate, Bernie Sanders Most Vociferous Opponent Was CNN

The Intercept - January 15, 2020


Viewers Trash CNN Following Debate For Biased Questions Against Bernie Sanders

Yahoo News - January 15, 2020


'CNN Is Truly A Terrible Influence On This Country': Democratic Debate Moderators Pilloried For Centrist Talking Points And Anti-Sanders Bias

Common Dreams - January 15, 2020


On The Politics Of 'Believing Women'

Common Dreams - January 15, 2020


Adriana Cohen: Rejected Handshake Could Haunt Elizabeth Warren

Boston Herald - January 15, 2020


Tulsi Gabbard Pushes Back Against Warren: Sanders ‘Showed Me The Greatest Respect’

Washington Examiner - January 14, 2020

At Tonight’s Debate, They’re Coming For Bernie Sanders

Jacobin - January 14, 2020

Elizabeth Warren Made A Fatal Error Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Credibility

CCN - January 14, 2020

Video: Bernie Sanders’ History Of Supporting Women Running For President [VIDEOS]

Heavy - January 13, 2020


Warren Says 'No Interest' In Discussing It Further After Dropping Bombshell Accusation Of Sexism On Sanders

Common Dreams - January 13, 2020


'Ludicrous': Sanders Refutes Claims Made In Anonymously Sourced Hit Piece By CNN About Warren Meeting

Common Dreams - January 13, 2020


Elizabeth Warren's Fake Beef With Bernie Sanders Is a Sign the Primaries Are Heating Up

Teen Vogue - January 13, 2020


CNN’s Sanders Hit Piece Is A Journalistic Outrage

Truthdig - January 13, 2020

Brace Yourself Sanders Supporters, It’s Going To Get Ugly

Jacobin - January 13, 2020

Video: Panel: Is Warren's Attack On Sanders A Sign Of Desperation?

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - January 13, 2020

Video: CNN Smears Bernie As Sexist In SKETCHY Viral Article

Rebel HQ On Youtube - January 13, 2020

Video: Here's Why It's Clear Elizabeth Warren Planted Bernie Hit Piece With CNN

Status Coup On Youtube - January 13, 2020

Video: BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Shades Bernie Sanders 

TBTV on Youtube - January 13, 2020

Video: Elizabeth Warren Smears Bernie Sanders With Debunked Story

The Rational National On Youtube - January 13, 2020


Biden, Buttigieg, & Corporate Media Are Eager For Sanders And Warren 'Trash Talk' Narrative To Take Hold

Common Dreams - January 13, 2020


CNN’s Sanders Hit Piece Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test - January 13, 2020

CNN Cites Four Anonymous Sources With No Direct Knowledge In Order To Call Bernie Sanders Sexist

Daily Caller - January 13, 2020

Bernie Supporters Drag CNN For ‘No Clear Leader’ Headline On Poll With Sanders Clearly In Lead (UPDATE)

Mediaite - January 11, 2020


Video: New Iowa Poll With Sanders Leading Questioned By Politics Expert

MSNBC - January 11, 2020


Press Watch: When Trump Just Makes Stuff Up, Mainstream Media Still Plays Along

Salon - January 10, 2020

Video: Kyle Kulinski Talks Worst Media Fail And Biggest Loser Of 2019

The Hill On Youtube - January 1, 2020


Video: Biden Mocks Bernie, Sanders National Press Secretary Responds

The Hill On Youtube - December 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Faces The Democratic Establishment's Wrath

Truth Dig - December 27, 2019

Here It Comes: Get Ready For A Stop-Bernie Onslaught Like You've Never Seen

Common Dreams - December 27, 2019

The Bernie Blackout Is Over

The Nation - December 27, 2019

Video: Corporate Media Forced To Cover Bernie Sanders Rise

Egberto Willies On Youtube - December 26, 2019


'People Should Take Him Very Seriously': Sanders Polling Surge Reportedly Forcing Democratic Establishment To Admit He Can Win

Common Dreams - December 26, 2019


LA Times Acknowledges '#BernieBlackout,' Publishes Letters Slamming Paper For Not Covering

California Rally

Fox News - December 24, 2019


Video: Julian Castro Defends Bernie Sanders Over CNN Bias

The Rational National On Youtube - December 24, 2019

Despite Vow Not To Probe Billionaire Owner's 2020 Rivals, Bloomberg News Runs 'Ridiculous Hit Piece' On Warren And Sanders

Common Dreams - December 24, 2019

Video: CNBC Can't Quite Believe Bernie Has A Chance To Win

Secular Talk On Youtube - December 23, 2019


'Bernie Blackout' Strikes Again. Despite Iowa Poll Average Showing Sanders In Solid 2nd, CNN Uses Old Poll To Show Him In 4th

Common Dreams - December 23, 2019


It's Corporate Media, 'Moderate' Democrats, And The Oligarchy Vs. Bernie Sanders And A Movement

Common Dreams - December 23, 2019


CNN Slammed By Sanders Campaign Over Use Of 'Outdated' Iowa Poll Showing Him In Fourth

Fox News - December 23, 2019


Video: Our Favorite Media Screw-Ups W/ Katie Halper: Why Won't The moderators Let Andrew Yang Talk?

The Hill (Rising) On Youtube - December 22, 2019


Sanders Is Hot In The Polls, And Still Treated Like A Second-Tier Candidate

Vice - December 20, 2019

PBS Taps Journalist With Anti-Sanders Bias To Help Moderate Debate - December 19, 2019

Tonight’s Democratic Debate Co-Moderator Has A Longstanding Anti-Bernie Bias

Jacobin - December 19, 2019

Video: Establishment Openly Admits It Will Try To Sabotage Bernie Sanders If He Wins Iowa

Status Coup On Youtube - December 16, 2019


ABC News Had The Goods On Jeffrey Epstein Years Ago — And Killed The Story
Salon - December 15, 2019


CAP Is Spreading Disinformation About Bernie’s Health Care Plan

Jacobin - December 15, 2019


Fascism Is Bi-Partisan: Bloomberg Just Bought CityLab—Fired Half The Reporters

Maven Round Table - December 14, 2019


Bernie Sanders Snubbed On Separate Graphics By CNN, CBS News

Fox News - December 13, 2019


Koch-Backed Groups Target Bernie Sanders’ GND Support

Iowa Starting Line - December 11, 2019

Video: Sam Seder: Hillary's Divisive Howard Stern Interview

Rising On Youtube - December 9, 2019

Video: Jake Tapper Admits CNN Often Ignores Progressives

The Rational National On Youtube - December 9, 2019

Video: The "Bernie Blackout" Is In Effect - And It Could Help Sanders Win.

The Intercept - December 8, 2019

Video: Sanders Campaign Official: 'Bernie Blackout Is Real'

The Hill - December 6, 2019

Video: MSNBC Strokes Bloomberg's Ego: "This Guy Is A Beast!"

Secular Talk On Youtube - December 5, 2019

Video: Nina Turner: The Bernie Sanders Media Blackout Is Real

The Hill - December 5, 2019


Video: Saagar Enjeti: Bitter Hillary Still Blaming Her Failures On Bernie

Rising On Youtube - December 5, 2019

Video: PBS Snubs Bernie Sanders Completely In 2020 Overview

The Rational National On Youtube - December 4, 2019


“Manufacturing Consent” In Action

Current Affairs - December 3, 2019

'He's Just...Erased': PBS 2020 Segment Finds Time For Klobuchar, Sestak, and Bullock—But Completely Ignores Bernie Sanders

Common Dreams - December 3, 2019


Video: PBS Newshour Ignores Bernie Sanders During Iowa Primary Segment

Christo Aivalis On Youtube - December 3, 2019

Video: CNN Surprised To Find Bernie Support In Kentucky

The Rational National On Youtube - December 2, 2019


Corporate Media Wants Anybody But Warren Or Sanders

Truth Dig - December 2, 2019

Video: Chris Mathews Slams Bernie For Fighting “Corruption”

The Jimmy Dore Show On Youtube - December 1, 2019


Video: John Cusack Calls For A Boycott Of MSNBC Due To Brazen Anti-Bernie Bias

The Humanist Report On Youtube - November 27, 2019

Obama Privately Indicated Leading ‘Stop-Bernie Campaign’

Nation of Change - November 26, 2019

Barack Obama Willing To Intervene In Democratic Primary To Stop Bernie Sanders From Winning, Say Insiders

Inquisitr - November 26, 2019

Obama Said He Would Speak Up To Stop Bernie Sanders Nomination: Report

Huffpost- November 26, 2019

New York Times: Bernie Sanders' Plan To Fight Climate Emergency Is Too Ambitious, Slightly Trumpy

Salon - November 25, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Nat'l Press Sec: Why We're Cautiously Optimistic About Lack Of DNC Rigging In 2020

Rising - The Hill On Youtube - November 25, 2019

Michael Bloomberg, Presidential Candidate, Just Killed The Bloomberg News Agency

Rolling Stone - November 25, 2019


Bloomberg News Says It Won't Cover Owner's Presidential Campaign Or His Rivals

NPR - November 25, 2019

Bloomberg News Will Not Investigate Owner Or His Democratic Rivals

The Hill - November 24, 2019


Bloomberg News Won't Investigate The Former Mayor During His Presidential Run

Huffpost - November 24, 2019

John Cusack Slams MSNBC Over Bernie Sanders Coverage, Calls For Boycott Of Network

Inquisitr - November 24, 2019

Bloomberg News Will Not Investigate Mike Bloomberg Or His Democratic Rivals 

CNBC - November 24, 2019

Want More Proof Of Corporate Media’s Anti-Bernie Bias? Look At MSNBC’s Democratic Debate

Common Dreams - November 22, 2019

Video: Krystal Ball: Just imagine If Bernie Sanders Had Faked Black Endorsements

The Hill On Youtube - November 21, 2019

Video: MSNBC Flops With Staggeringly Atrocious Questions At The #DemDebate

Secular Talk On Youtube - November 21, 2019

Bernie Is Misplaced In Primary Poll By Media - Should Be Listed Above Warren On November 19th Poll.

Real Clear Politics - November 19, 2019

MSNBC Is the Most Influential Network Among Liberals—And It’s Ignoring Bernie Sanders

In These Times - November 13, 2019

Video: MSNBC's Joy Reid Erases Bernie Sanders

Status Coup On Youtube - November 11, 2019

Video: MSNBC: Bernie Bros Will "Ruin" The Election

Papi Chulomin On Youtube - November 6, 2019

#Bernieblackout: The Media Isn’t Even Hiding Its Anti-Bernie Bias Anymore

Mint Press News - November 5, 2019

As Examples Mount, Sanders Campaign Accuses Corporate Media Of 'Deliberate Attempt To Erase Bernie'

Common Dreams - November 5, 2019

Bernie Sanders Incorrectly Shown As Second To Elizabeth Warren In CNN Poll

Inquisitr - November 3, 2019

Video: Krystal Ball Calls Out Joe Manchin's Never Bernie Hypocrisy

The Hill On Youtube - November 1, 2019

Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders ‘Has Absolutely Infuriated The Liberal Establishment’

Inquisitr - October 31, 2019

After Sanders Says West Virginia Working-Class Base Will Support Bold Vision, Manchin Says His Vote "Wouldn't Be Bernie" in Head-to-Head With Trump

Common Dreams - October 31, 2019

Video: Biden Drops 9pts & Bernie Leads In New Hampshire Poll

The Rational National On Youtube - October 29, 2019

CNN Poll: Sanders And Warren Fight For Home Field In New Hampshire

CNN - October 29, 2019

On Bernie Sanders, Polling And Perception

Patreon - October 26, 2019

Centrists—Or Neoliberals–Control The Party And The Media And They're Risking Losing To

Trump Again In 2020

Common Dreams - October 25, 2019

Video: Ryan Grim Calls-Out MSNBC On-Air For Ignoring Bernie Sanders

The Rational National On Youtube - October 24, 2019

Clinton, Stein, Gabbard, And The Deconstruction Of RussiaGate

Common Dreams - October 24, 2019

Florida Poll Inexplicably Excludes Bernie Sanders

Front Page Politics - October 23, 2019

'Not A Big Fan Of Medicare For All': Pelosi Attacks Plan Backed By Leading 2020

Democrats, Majority Of Party

Common Dreams - October 21, 2019

Video: Saagar Enjeti: Media, Hillary Team-Up To Smear Tulsi

The Hill On Youtube - October 21, 2019

Video: Van Jones Defends Tulsi Against Hillary Smear

The Rational National On Youtube - October 20, 2019

The Press Ignore Bernie In New & Innovative Ways

The Rational National On Youtube - October 19, 2019

CNN Host Faces Backlash For Pondering Whether Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, And Omar Endorsements Are 'Too Urban' To Help Sanders

Common Dreams - October 16, 2019

Video: Pathetic: CNN Caught Doctoring Photos & Video Of Bernie Sanders

Secular Talk On Youtube - October 10, 2019


Bernie Blindness: A Subreddit For Noting The Way Press Narratives Ignore Or Smear Bernie Sanders

Boing Boing - October 8, 2019

Video: MSNBC Fabricates Story To Attack Bernie's Health

The Rational National On Youtube - October 3, 2019

Video: MSNBC: Supporting Bernie Over Warren Shows Your Sexism

Secular Talk On Youtube - October 1, 2019

CNN Slammed For Labeling Five Centrist Democrats As 'Leaders On Impeachment' And Erasing Efforts Of Progressive Women Of Color

Common Dreams - September 30, 2019

Video:  Bernie Goes BOLDER Than Warren

The Damage Report On Youtube - September 29, 2019

Video: Fox Host Pretends He Got Shoved At UAW/ Bernie Sanders Protest

Secular Talk On Youtube - September 28, 2019

MSNBC Pundit Who Accused Those Who Prefer Sanders To Warren Of 'Sexism' Sparks Viral

Outcry From #WomenforBernie

Common Dreams - September 28, 2019

Video: MSNBC Pundit Launches Personal Attack On Bernie Supporters

The Rational National On Youtube - September 28, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Supporters SMEARED As Harassing Trans Rights Activists

Status Coup On Youtube - September 28, 2019

Video: MSNBC: All Bernie Voters Are Sexists! Not Kidding.

The Jimmy Dore Show On Youtube - September 28, 2019

Democratic Strategist: 'Sexism' Is Motivating Bernie Sanders Supporters Not to Back Elizabeth Warren

Newsweek - September 28, 2019

Video: MSNBC Reaches New Level Of Depravity In Latest Attack On Bernie Sanders | E. Warren Must Condemn

Jamarl Thomas On Youtube - September 28, 2019

Video: Saagar Enjeti: WAPO Freaks Out Over Rising Criticism

The Hill On Youtube - September 27, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Policy: Eat The Rich. Washington Post Gives Warren Credit For

Policy That Bernie Created

Jamarl Thomas On Youtube - September 24, 2019

Did MSNBC Exclude Bernie Sanders From A Graphic About A Campaign Event?

Snopes - September 24, 2019

Video: MSNBC Blatantly Ignores Bernie's Presence At Iowa Steak Fry

The Rational National On Youtube - September 23, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Speak Out Against Nate Silver ‘Residue’ Tweet

Heavy - September 22, 2019

Video: CNN News Erases Bernie From Primary Contenders

Jimmy Dore Show On Youtube - September 21, 2109

A Strange Twitter Glitch Is Censoring The Left — And No One Knows If It's A Bug Or A Feature

Salon - September 19, 2019

The Incredible Belief That Corporate Ownership Does Not Influence Media Content

Common Dreams - September 17, 2019

What George Carlin Taught Us About Media Propaganda By Omission: On Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All, And The Green New Deal

Common Dreams - September 16, 2019

ABC News Has Covered Sanders For Only Seven Minutes In 2019

Free Beacon - September 12, 2019

Video: CBS Shares Hilariously STUPID Poll On-Air

The Damage Report On Youtube - September 6, 2019

Video: Why The Establishment Is Lining Up Behind Elizabeth Warren Featuring Krystal Ball

The Michael Brooks Show On Youtube - September 5, 2019

Video: MSNBC: Trump Lying Is Bad But Biden Lying Is Okay

Secular Talk - September 2, 2019

Video: CNN Erases Andrew Yang's Candidacy

Secular Talk On Youtube - August 31, 2019

Sanders Campaign Demands Washington Post Retract 'Fact Check' Of Medical Bankruptcies Remarks

Common Dreams - August 31, 2019


Video: Washington Post's Bogus “Fact Check” of Bernie Sanders Blows Up In Their Face

The Humanist Report - August 30, 2019

Video: Deranged Clinton Centrists Hate On Susan Sarandon Escalates

Jimmy Dore On Youtube - August 30, 2019

WaPo Says Sanders Is Right On Medical Bankruptcies, Gives ‘3 Pinnochios’ Rating Anyway

Gritpost - August 29, 2019

The Washington Post’s Latest Fact Check Of Bernie Sanders Is Really Something

Rolling Stone - August 29, 2019

Video: Washington Post’s STUNNING ‘Fact-Check’ On Bernie Claim

The Rational National On Youtube - August 28, 2019

Video: MSNBC Pundit Spouts Most Blatant Sanders Lie Yet

The Rational National On Youtube - August 27, 2019

The Washington Post’s War On Bernie Continues

Jacobin - August 27, 2019

Corporate Media Bias Against Sanders Is Structural, Not A Conspiracy

The Real News Network -- August 27, 2019

Twitter Sleuths Uncover Anti-Sanders Conspiracy — And The Pundit Class Is Furious

Salon - August 26, 2019

Sanders Releases Media Plan: Press Shouldn't Be Controlled By Corporations, 'Benevolent' Billionaires

The Hill - August 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders Pledges To Protect News Organizations From Google And Facebook Dominance

CNBC News - August 25, 2019

Video: MSNBC vs Bernie Sanders

TYT On Youtube - August 23, 2019

Daily Kos Under Fire After Editor Smears Nina Turner

Front Page Politics - August 23, 2019

Video: Sanders Adviser: 'Medicare For All Plan' Has 'Never Changed'

The Hill On Youtube - August 22, 2019

Video: Krystal And Saagar Break Down Neera Tanden And Susan Sarandon Feud

The Hill - August 21, 2019

Video: CNN & MSNBC Working Overtime To Prop Up Elizabeth Warren

Status Coup On Youtube - August 21, 2019

Video: MSNBC Should Declare Itself A Super PAC For Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren

Status Coup On Youtube - August 20, 2019

Video: Bill Maher Goes After BDS & Ilhan Omar

Secular Talk On Youtube - August 19, 2019

The Quiet Death Of The “White Bernie Bro” Attack

Jacobin - August 17, 2019

Payback: Democrats Rig Tulsi Gabbard Right Out Of Their Next Debate

American Thinker - August 22, 2019

The Campaign Press: Members Of The 10 Percent, Reporting For The One Percent

Rolling Stone - August 16, 2019

Bernie Sanders Is As Frustrated As Ever With Corporate Media

The National - August 16, 2019

Video: Politico Smeared Bernie Sanders With Nonsense

Hard Lens Media On Youtube - August 16, 2019

“Bernie Is Trump” (And Other Corporate Media Bullsh*t)

Counter Punch - August 16, 2019

Memo To Mainstream Journalists: Can The Phony Outrage; Bernie Is Right About Bias

Salon - August 16, 2019

Former MSNBC Reporter Spills Details On Pro-Establishment Bias In Media

Caitlin Johnstone - August 16, 2019

If You're Looking For Evidence Of Washington Post Media Bias Against Bernie Sanders, Here It Is

Common Dreams - August 15, 2019


BERN NOTICE: What We Cannot Discuss

Bern Notice - August 15, 2019

Bernie Is Right To Go After Jeff Bezos And The Washington Post

Jacobin - August 15, 2019

Here’s the Evidence Corporate Media Say Is Missing of WaPo Bias Against Sanders - August 15, 2019


Why Bernie Sanders Is Right About The Washington Post–And Corporate Media Overall

Counter Punch - August 15, 2019

Video: CNN Absurdly Claims Bernie Sanders’ Criticism Of Corporate Media Is "Trump-Like"

The Humanist Report On Youtube - August 15, 2019

Calling Out Corporate Control Of US Media, Sanders Campaign Launches 'Bern Notice' Newsletter

Common Dreams - August 15, 2019

Corporate Media Is The Enemy Of The People

Due Dissidence, Keaton Weis - August 15, 2019


Video: CNN's "Fact Check" Of Bernie Sanders Turned Into An Embarrassing Self-Own

The Humanist Report On Youtube - August 15, 2019

Video: Washington Post Seethes With Contempt For Bernie Sanders | Copious Examples

Jamarl Thomas On Youtube - August 15, 2019

Video: Brian Williams Slanders Bernie Sanders. Why Is This Proven Habitual Liar

Still On TV?

Jamarl Thomas On Youtube - August 15, 2019

Video: MSNBC Is Exposed As Propaganda Outlet For Democratic Party By Several Former Host

Jamarl Thomas On Youtube - August 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders Versus The “Corporate Media,” Explained

Vox - August 14, 2019

Brian Williams Just Tried To Make An Anonymous Twitter Troll Into A Source

Washington Examiner - August 14, 2019

Why Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Correct About The Washington Post—And Corporate Media Overall

Common Dream - August 14, 2019

Video: MSNBC Smears Bernie Sanders With Anonymous Tweet

The Rational National On Youtube - August 14, 2019

Video: Corporate Media Furious That Bernie Is Calling Out Their Biased Coverage

The Ring Of Fire On Youtube - August 14, 2019

Former MSNBC Host Criticizes Media For Alleged Anti-Bernie Sanders Bias

Accuracy In Media - August 14, 2019

Video: Bernie Sanders Triggers Washington Post With Facts

TYT On Youtube - August 13, 2019

MSM Smears Sanders For Saying MSM Smears Sanders

Medium, Caitlin Johnstone - August 13, 2019

Sanders Clashes With Washington Post On Coverage, As Editor Accuses Him Of Pushing ‘Conspiracy Theory’

MSN - August 13, 2019

Sanders Campaign Accuses Press Of 'Bernie Write-Off'

Real Clear Politics - August 13, 2019

Is Bernie Sanders Getting Unfair Treatment From National Media?

WCAX3 - August 12, 2019


Sanders Campaign Rejects Idea It's Losing Ground

The Hill - August 12, 2019

Don’t Write Off Bernie Sanders, Top Campaign Officials Say

Tribune Ledger News - August 12, 2019


Sanders Adviser Criticizes Press For ‘Writing Off’ Campaign

VT Digger - August 12, 2019

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