People Who Have

Endorsed Bernie Sanders


Here is a list of who has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2020:

American Postal Workers Union (APWU)

National Nurses United (Nurses Union - NNU)

UTLA (United Teachers Union of Los Angeles)

American Postal Workers Union Local 44 (DMI APWU Local 44 of Central Iowa)

UE Union (United Electrical, Radio & Machine Worker of America)

James Sanderson (President of the United Steelworkers Local 7898)

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 (New Hampshire Union)

CCI (Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement)

Clark County Education Association (CCEA - Teacher's Union, Nevada)

Clark County Black Caucus (Nevada)

MAPA (Massachusetts Peace Action)

CPD Action Network (Centre For Policy Dialogue)

BIDG Guild (The Boston Independent Drivers Guild)

Rights and Democracy (RAD - New Hampshire Grassroots Group)

California Young Democrats (Largest Chapter of the CDP)

PDA (Progressive Democrats of America)

Make the Road Action (National Immigrant's Rights Group)

PA (Peoples' Action)

Javier Miranda, Ames (Chapter President, Ames Democratic Socialists of America)

Pramila Jayapal (U.S Representative, Washington)

Mark Pocan (U.S Representative, Wisconsin)

Patrick Leahy (Senator)

Peter Welch (Congressman)

Ro Khanna (Congressman)

Mike Gravel (US Senator)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (New York House of Representatives)

Rashida Talib (Michigan House of Representatives)

Ilhan Omar (Minnesota House of Representatives)

Sara Innamorato (Pennsylvania House of Representatives)

Wendell Gilliard (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Cezar McKnight (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Krystle Simmons (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Ivory Thigpen (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Shedron Williams (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Terry Alexander (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Justin Bamberg (South Carolina House of Representatives)

Stacey Walker

Heidi Harmon (Mayor of San Luis, California)

Michael Gianaris (State Senator/Majority Leader)

Shoshanna Kelly (Alderwoman At Large, New Hampshire)

Sam Bell (Rhode Island State Senator)

Tick Sergerblom (Former Nevada Senator)

David Zuckerman (Vermont Lieutenant Governor)

David Campos (Chair of The San Francisco Democratic Party)

July Blaise Nganyi Imembe (President-Congolese Community of New Hampshire)

Victor Mbuyi (Past president of the Congolese Community of New Hampshire)

RosAnn Demoro (Former National Nurses United Director)

Geraldine Kirega (African Community Leader)

Ro Mohammad Mustak (Executive director-Rohingya Society of Greater Nashua)

Surya Thapa (Community leader and entrepreneur)

Krishna Nepal (Community leader/program director-Maintaining Independence Adult Day Services)

Rajesh Chauwan (Community and business leader)



Joe Rogan (Host, Comedian)

Mark Ruffalo (Actor)

Michael Moore (Director)

Ariana Grande (Singer)

New Power Generation (Prince's Longtime Band)

T.I. (Rapper)

Tim Robbins (Actor)

Danny Devito (Actor)

Susan Sarandon (Actor)

John Cusack (Actor)

Danny Glover (Actor)

Morgan Freeman (Director)

Killer Mike (Rapper)

Dick Van Dyke (Actor)

Cardi B (Rapper)

Belinda Carlisle (Musician)

The Strokes (Musical Group)

Cynthia Nixon (Actor)

Tim Robbins (Actor)

Rob Delaney (Actor)

James Cromwell (Actor)

Justin Long (Actor)

Lil Yachty (Rapper)

Josh Fox (Director)

Adam McKay (Director)

Michael Sayman (Google Executive)

The Daily Iowan (Independent Newspaper of The University Of Iowa)

Ana Kasparian (Political Commentator on The Young Turks, TYT)

Cenk Ugyr (Political Commentator on The Young Turks, TYT)

Michael Moore (Film Maker & Political Commentator)

Jack White (Musician, Lead Singer of White Stripes)

Ben Cohen (Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream)

Jerry Greenfield (Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream)

Dominic Rodríguez, Storm Lake (Youth Activist for Workers Rights)

Amner Martinez, Des Moines (Co-founder, Latino Arts Initiative)

Karina Chávez, Des Moines (Co-chair, Al Éxito)

Ruben Chávez, Iowa City (Immigration Activist and Youth Athletics Coach)

Maria Filippone, Des Moines (Physician and Small Business Owner)

Araceli Lopez, Ames (President, Iowa State University Students for Bernie)

Topiz Martinez, Storm Lake (Owner, Better Day Cafe)

Laura Rodríguez, Des Moines (Creative Arts Chair, Latino Arts Initiative)

RosaIsela Salazar, Muscatine (Immigration Activist)

Kenia Calderón Cerón, Des Moines (DACA Recipient and Activist)





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National Immigrant Rights Group Endorses Sanders

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Pocan Endorses Sanders, Giving Him A Boost In Wisconsin

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Clark County Education Association Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Fox 5 KVVU TV - January 14, 2020


Nevada’s Largest Teachers Union Is Endorsing Bernie Sanders

Buzzfeed News - January 14, 2020


Coveted New Hampshire Union SEIU Local Endorses Sanders

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Danny DeVito Endorses Bernie Sanders: 'He Is The Man To Beat Trump'

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Local New Hampshire SEIU Branch Bucks National Union To Endorse Sanders

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Sanders Wins Major New Hampshire Union Endorsement

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Bernie Sanders Wins Major New Hampshire Union Endorsement

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Local New Hampshire Union Backs Bernie Sanders, Bucking National Affiliate

New York Times - January 12, 2020


Zephyr Teachout, Anti-Corruption Crusader, Endorses Bernie Sanders

Huffpost - December 27, 2019


Sanders Rolls Out Over 300 California Endorsements

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Kevin Lee To Join Sen. Bernie Sanders At Las Vegas Rally

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Bernie Sanders Secures New SC Endorsement After Kamala Harris Drops Out

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For 'Making Movement Politics Mainstream' National Grassroots Group People's Action Endorses

Bernie Sanders

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Progressive Group 'People's Action' Endorses Bernie Sanders

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Nevada & Arizona Tribal Leaders Chair Bernie Sanders' State Campaign Efforts

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Massachusetts Peace Action Endorses Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Scores Big Progressive Endorsement, Besting Warren

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Coalition Of More Than 50 Progressive Groups To Endorse Bernie Sanders

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Las Vegas' Powerful Culinary Union Hosts Bernie Sanders

News 3 Las Vegas - December 10, 2010


Rapper Killer Mike Reaches Out To Black Men For Sanders’ Campaign

MSNBC - December 8, 2019


Calling Him Only 2020 Candidate Whose Plan 'Can Save Our Planet,' US Youth Climate Strike Leaders Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

Common Dreams - December 6, 2019

Isra Hirsi Of U.S. Youth Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

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Mark Ruffalo Endorses Bernie Sanders, Calling Him 'One Of Us'

The Hill - December 4, 2019


Video: Mark Ruffalo Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

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Video: Saagar Enjeti: Bernie's Unexpected NYT Endorsement

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Nurses Across The US Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders — Here's Why

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Bernie Sanders Gets Endorsement Of Rideshare Drivers Guild

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Ariana Grande Could Not Love Bernie Sanders Any Harder

Yahoo News - November 20, 2019

Ariana Grande Breaks Free From Capitalism, Endorses Bernie Sanders

Rolling Stone - November 20, 2019

Ariana Grande Makes Her Pick For Prez ...BERNIE SANDERS IS 'MY GUY'!!!

TMZ - November 20, 2019

Ariana Grande Registers Over 20k Young People To Vote And Praises Sanders At Her Shows

Isaac Price - November 20, 2019

With 67% of the Vote, California Young Democrats Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

Common Dreams - November 17, 2019

Rights & Democracy Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Rights And Democracy - November 17, 2019

NH Primary Source: Progressive Grassroots Group Rights And Democracy Endorses Sanders

WMUR 9 - November 17, 2019

Bernie 2020 Announces 11 New Endorsements From Latino Leaders In Iowa

Hola America News - November 15, 2019

Teachers’ Union In Los Angeles Endorses A Presidential Candidate — And It’s Bernie Sanders

Washington Post - November 15, 2019

Video: Mark Ruffalo Endorses Bernie Sanders

Stephen Colbert On Youtube - November 15, 2019

UTLA Overwhelmingly Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders For US President

November 14, 2019

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur And Ana Kasparian Endorse Bernie Sanders For President: Right Strategy Is ‘Revolution Not Reform’

Mediaite - November 12, 2019

Sanders Lands Endorsement From Nurses Union

The Hill - November 12, 2019

Sanders Beats Warren In Battle For Major Union's Endorsement

Politico - November 12, 2019


Caucus 99 Percent - November 4, 2019

Kevin Lee, The Winner Of The UFC Fight That Trump Got Booed At Last Night – "BERNIE SANDERS, YOU BASTARDS"

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New Power Generation To Perform At Bernie Sanders’ Minneapolis Rally

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'Tax the Hell Out Of Me,' Says Young Millionaire Google Exec At Prospect Of A President Bernie Sanders

Common Dreams - October 28, 2019

Bernie Sanders Gains Another NH Endorsement While NH For Bernie Volunteers Knock On 7500 Doors In Concord

NH Labor News - October 27, 2019

Jack White Supports Bernie Sanders At Detroit Rally: 'I Really Do Trust Him'

Billboard - October 27, 2019

Video: Michael Moore: Why I Support Bernie Over Warren

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T.I. Talks Politics, 2020 Election And Endorses Bernie Sanders

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Mayor Heidi Harmon Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

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Bernie Sanders Lands Prized Iowa Endorsement: Stacey Walker

Politico - October 24, 2019

Stacey Walker Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

CBS Iowa News - October 24, 2019

Tim Robbins Says People Would Be Surprised Bernie Sanders Is 'Funny': 'He's Just Burst Out Into Laughter'

People - October 24, 2019

UE Endorses Bernie Sanders For President, Reaffirms Policy Of Independent Political Action

UE Union - October 23, 2019

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Bernie Sanders Would “Transform The Lives Of Poor And

Working-Class People”

Democracy Now! - October 22, 2019

Full Interview: Michael Moore On Trump Impeachment, Endorsing Bernie And Guns

MSNBC On Youtube - October 21, 2019

NY Senate Deputy Majority Leader Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Spectrum News - October 21, 2019

Video: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Endorses Bernie For President

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Video: Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders On MSNBC 'He Can Win This'

MSNBC - October 18, 2019

Video: Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

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Video: Rep. Ilhan Omar Endorses Bernie for President

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

Business Insider - October 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders Gains Another NH Endorsement While New Hampshire For Bernie Volunteers Knock On 7500 Doors In Concord

NH Labor News - October 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ 99 Endorsements In 99 Counties

Iowa Starting Line - September 25, 2019

Video: Breaking News: Bernie Sanders Unveils Endorsements In All 99 Counties In Iowa

The Dharma Network On Youtube - September 25, 2019

Once A Trump Supporter, Union President Endorses Bernie Sanders

Gab News - September 9, 2019

Former Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Reno Gazzette Journal - September 3, 2019

Bernie Sanders Poses In Solidarity With Anchor Brewing Union Workers

Eater San Francisco - August 28, 2019

United Electrical, Radio And Machine Workers Of America Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

UE Union Website - August 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders Picks Up Union Endorsement During Stop In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - August 26, 2019

United Electrical Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders

UPI - August 26, 2019

For Always Making It Clear 'Which Side He Is On,' Bernie Sanders Nabs First National Union Endorsement

Common Dreams - August 26, 2019

Sanders Accepts His First National Union Endorsement, Calling Labor ‘The Last Line Of Defense’

The Nation - August 26, 2019

Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie Sanders

Facebook Video - August 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wins Labor Love — And Frustrates Foes — With Medicare For All Play

NBC News - August 22, 2019


Watch Cardi B Interview Bernie Sanders About Health Care, Minimum Wage And Immigration

Rolling Stone - August 16, 2019

Offset: Cardi's Down With Bernie ... Guess I Am Too!!!

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People Who Have Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Feel The Bern - August 13, 2019

Influential Former NH Refugees, Immigrants Endorse Sanders 2020 Bid

Union Leader - August 6, 2019

The 89-Year-Old Ex-Senator Whose Presidential Run Was Notable For Salty Leftist Tweets Quit The Race And

Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Business Insider - August 6, 2019

Gravel Endorses Bernie Sanders After Suspending Campaign

The Hill - August 6, 2019

Mike Gravel To Formally Endorse Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

Yahoo News - August 5, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Secret Weapon? Senator Gets Support From Triple Platinum Rapper Cardi B

The Mind Unleashed - July 31, 2019

Cardi B And Bernie Sanders Team Up For 2020 Campaign To ‘Transform Country’

The Guardian - July 30, 2019


Cardi B's Latest Video Collaboration Is With Bernie Sanders

Huffpost - July 30, 2019


Cardi B: I Want Policies That Will Help Everyone Even if I Have To Pay More Taxes

Gritpost - July 29, 2019

Actor Danny Glover Campaigns For Bernie Sanders In Flint

Michigan Live - July 29, 2019

US: Danny Glover Endorses Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Telesur - June 20, 2019

Video: Howard Stern Praises Bernie

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - June 5, 2019

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Introduces Sanders As A President Who 'Stands For Justice In All Its Flavors'

The Hill - May 4, 2019

Sanders Gets Endorsements From 7 Black South Carolina Lawmakers

AP News - April 18, 2019