The Elections In The UK Are
No Indication Of What Will Happen In America In 2020

2000: Al Gore lost as a centrist candidate

2004: John Kerry lost as a centrist candidate

2008: Obama won posturing as a progressive, then shifted right after being elected

2016: Hillary lost as a centrist candidate

James Reid wrote, "The UK’s election system is extremely rigged: not only did the left-wing win the popular vote by over 1.5 million votes, but their votes were actually given MUCH less value, compared to right-wing voters, as I will show (read the rest of my post):

As you can see below (Google’s official numbers as of this post), the Conservative Party only had 40% more votes than Labour but were awarded 80% more seats, that means the Conservative party would only have been awarded 284 seats if their votes had the same value as Labour votes. It gets worse; if you combine all the left party votes, and the right party votes, you get these insane numbers:

Roughly 16.4 million total left-party votes with at least 275 seats, which means every leftist seat required 59,636 votes each. Now let’s look at the conservative votes:

Roughly 14.8 million total right-party votes with at least 372 seats, which means every right-wing seat only required 39,785 votes. As you can see this ultimately gives conservative voters the equivalent of an extra half-vote, or you can put it like this: every 2 conservative votes equals 3 liberal votes. That is absolutely insane. Corbyn didn’t lose a fair election, the election system is rigged."




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